The gospel according to Blind Willy Johnson and a bottle of whiskey.

Right, so then, ain’t that a kick in the head.

I watched Thor this weekend, it was totally forgettable, and probably looked better in 2D than 3D, I was so totally unimpressed with 3D, I’m certain it detracted from the experience, only bad films need 3D so its a good reason not to go to see 3D movies.

But isn’t it interesting how paganism never loses its pull for people. Its something about it, it appeals to people who want human facets to be praised and exaggerated to the Nth degree. If you want a good exposition of low human behaviour study the behaviour of pagan gods. We are heading towards a world where the pagan ideals of virtue are coming back into fashion.

Vengeance, wrath, tribalism, lust, greed, pride are being seen more and more as positive things. In a way, nothing has changed, Cole Porter’s song, anything goes is still right on the money, just change a few of the names and its still bang up to date. Except of course that times haven’t changed. Although of course there were plenty messianic undertones to the film…

I’m so glad to be Catholic, we have a way of life which defies this world, gives it the two fingers spiritually speaking. We can ignore the death-throes of this modern philosophy and embrace life. We sacrifice that which loads us down and embrace what is good, that which will lift us up. Sometimes this sacrifice feels like death however, sacrificing your deepest desires to God with no guarantee of immediate reciprocation in this life. I don’t know how to soften that message, the gospel isn’t all fluffy, Christianity isn’t all about niceness, it is about truth.

Pray that I can sacrifice something I have craved for so long, in exchange for doing God’s will, I’m not entirely sure that is the position I am in, but it very well may be.


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