Ha, RE: Rowan Williams, I called it!

You know how I said I didn’t think people would be so horrendously liberal as to blame America for not taking Bin Ladin alive?

Well look who steps up to the plate, then drops a big wet liberal dollop of pomposity on it, who other than the Archbishop of Canterbury. Oh dear.

Frankly I’m not even bothered if Bin Ladin had his hands tied behind his back when he was shot. The man had it coming, he was responsible for the murder of thousands! He would have had to spend the rest of his life in Gitmo so arguably the Navy Seals did him a favour by making justice all the swifter.

Keeping him imprisoned would have made him even more of a talisman to Al-Qaeda than he was when in hiding, no information they could have gotten out of him would have been worth that and no court could have given him a fair trial either.  The SEALS did exactly what they had been dreaming of doing for ten years, shot on sight.

It reminds me of when the SAS were told by Margaret Thatcher before the Iranian Embassy assault that she expects there to be no prisoners, and when one of the terrorists was accidentally captured he was nearly dragged back into the building to be shot. According to hostages two other terrorists who  tried to surrender were also shot.

Why does it remind me of this? because president Obama made a bit of a telling gaffe at a bi-partisan dinner, saying Bin Ladin had been captured and killed. I think we know what that means.

Oh and will someone pour a bucket of ice water over Rowan Williams, it was bad enough when he was calling for sharia law.


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