Well then, we’ve just had elections in the UK. Local elections anyway and a very daft referendum which was thoroughly kicked into touch by the nation which I’m very glad about.

The AV referendum was funny, the yes camp spent ages whining about how the no camp were being negative and forgot they had to argue on the merits of their system (probably because the AV system has very few merits.) Of course the no camp will be negative! Shock horror the country doesn’t like coalition politics! Something the AV voting system would enshrine in this country, the nation voted no because of the concessions Clegg made in order to pursue power were indicative of the political future under AV.

Now it seems the real politics can begin. Scotland booted out Labour in favour of the SNP so it is very likely they are going to be getting a referendum on independence (whether that will be good for them or not is another issue) ironically the SNP didn’t really campaign on that issue at all.

The Libdems (who I despise) got a thorough kicking, with left wing votes going back to Labour and moderate votes going to the Conservatives. Nick Clegg should take the Tory whip and be done with it. I met him back when he was an MEP and I was a teenager studying politics. I got the distinct feeling then that he’d make a better Conservative than a Libdem, though he seems to have conveniently acquired a few more woolly liberal ideals since then.

The Libdems of course are blaming EVERYONE but themselves for this thorough double kicking administered by the electorate. Vince Cable came out with a ludicrously infantile attack on the Conservative party, then claimed to be acting all mature and businesslike. This from the man who broke cabinet responsibility on at least one occasion in the past in order to have a bellyache.

We are seeing the destruction of a political party here, there is no two ways about it and since I dislike the Libdems with the heat of a nova I am in quite a good mood. Is there a Catholic element to this feeling, well perhaps, the Libdems are always going to be the party for abortion, euthanasia, for liberal fascism of all kinds. Now they are rushing to blame anyone but themselves they will lose the respect of the electorate even more.

I just have to hope that when the constituencies are redrawn with a modicum of fairness the conservatives will win the next election outright.

Why do I care? well the last couple of years of Blair (even though he ‘converted’) and the disaster which was the SuperGordon tenure in office, the Labour party came out with loads of disasterous policies some of which (eg education) had rather anti-Catholic undertones. Oh and they ran the economy and the armed forces right into the ground and did little but throw money at the NHS without trying to fix any of its massive problems.

Indeed it is arguable that socialism itself is anti-Catholic. The belief that money should be taken from the rich in order to create an artificial economic equality, completely irrespective of merit, is decidedly against the social teaching of the Church.

The Church encourages people to give according to the needs of others, however Labour became the party of the workshy, not the working class. There is a decidedly large section of people who know they are better off on long term benefits than in a job and this is not good for their sense of human dignity or for society as a whole.

Anyway if the Libdems break left their voters will simply vote Labour, if they break right their voters will probably just vote conservative. It does suck to be a Libdem right now, Oh happy day 😀


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