Pray for Egypt

Well there has been ‘religiously’ motivated unrest in Egypt. That’s not really news is it?  Coptic Christianity is kinda strange, but it is old, venerable, and is cruelly persecuted. Apparently the trouble was motivated when an ‘Islamic’ mob got hold of a rumour that a Church was holding a convert to Islam captive.

What gets to me is that Muslims who convert to Christianity are frequently attacked and even murdered for their faith, but nobody ever reports this in the press. It is also interesting that when the mob went to the Church, with the  Islamic convert supposedly still inside, they were armed with Molotov cocktails and they tried to firebomb it… there can be nothing religious about that.

The question always struck me; why would you follow a spiritual leader who needed an army to prove his point? People call this a religion of peace apparently.

Why is it that nobody can question Islam? not even in the west, there is no way on earth I would say what I just typed without the protection of anonymity.

Osama Bin Ladin may be dead, but the radicalisation of Islam is continuing unabated, Egypt could well turn from a (very nominally) secular state, into a full Islamic state, either way there are rough times ahead for Egyptian Christians.

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