From bugbear to really peeved.

Ok my bugbear about anthropogenic global warming is no longer an amusing little intellectual quirk. The government is thinking of spending hideous amounts of money to ruin the countryside by building wind-farms, the cost of which will be doubly passed onto the average Joe through taxes and electricity bills which are already too high as it is. The last two posts by James Dellingpole are a bastion of sanity in this crazy world but I’m amazed he is still so alone as a voice of reason.

This has now suddenly gone from being a fringe issue to being one of worth £18 billion a year to this country, at a time of economic austerity and with the science of global warming virtually non existent and even that has been debunked in my opinion.

There are real solutions to our country’s energy needs, shale gas can be used till we develop a new generation of nuclear reactors (hopefully thorium based) and they can be used (for hundreds of years if necessary, the world isn’t running out of thorium) till we develop fusion power, which the French and the Americans are already working on. Whereas the government wants to spend our money on technology that is by definition, medieval… windmills.

Its madness in the extreme, the facts revealed by his tiff with his ex wife seem to strongly indicate this comes from a minister who is a criminal. Talking of which how on earth did David Laws get away with stealing a fortune by defrauding the taxpayers? I think he’ll cope with a week’s suspension from Parliament somehow. Just because a bank robber gives the money back, (only when he gets caught mind you) doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to go to jail for the crime!

What is it with the Libdems? are they all so criminal and morally relativistic that none of this bothers them? that the party and its MP’s have done nothing to distance themselves from these shady characters just confirms everything the electorate suspect about them. That they are unprincipled, power hungry, morally bankrupt liberal elitists.

The other thing that has me very annoyed is that some absolute idiot at the Telegraph website, called the real IRA Catholic terrorists. Their dubious claim to religious profession has nothing to do with it. Being a terrorist obviously has nothing to do with their faith.  Call them sectarian, or republican, but please don’t sully the name of Catholicism with their actions that are beyond the pale of the faith.

Talking of people trying to sully the name of the Church, people keep bringing up the sex abuse scandal. The only people who have the right to be angry are the Catholics who have been betrayed first and foremost, the victims. And because we are all united through Christ a betrayal of one of us is a betrayal of all of us. The people who bring this up again and again focus on the Church (rather than the many other areas of society that unfortunately attract paedophiles) for very different motivations and agendas to those of the victims.

Right, perhaps now I can go back to sleep! this 3am to 4:30am slot isn’t meant for blogging!

2 thoughts on “From bugbear to really peeved.

  1. I know what you mean about the labelling on Republican terrorists as Catholic; if it was in any other part of the world I doubt their faith would be mentioned, but in Northern Ireland the Catholic/Protestant cultural dichotomy is vast. People forget British troops were sent to Northern Ireland to protect the Catholics from the bully boy tactics of the Protestant unanimity of Stormont.

    • Northern Ireland is a mess, always will be, and has been since the Pope said the King of England owned Ireland. (not the Papacy’s finest hour)

      I think the Catholic Protestant divide in Ireland is now primarily cultural and political… not religious. I’m not sure if religion ever had anything to do with it, certainly not Christianity which commands people to love their neighbors and turn the other cheek to their enemies.

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