Manny Pacquiao Vs. The President

What a Legend!

Not having a TV I’ve been unable to see any of his fights, (they are probably all on pay per view anyway) but he is now widely acknowledged the best boxer in the world, and is rapidly in the running for the greatest boxer ever! Oh and he’s also an MP in the Phillipines…

And guess what, he’s Catholic, and orthodox to boot! what a boon to the Philippines to have someone of such stature!

He is currently wading into the contraception debate in his homeland.  It pits Manny (and the Church) Vs. the President. (who may shortly be excommunicated…) in the political ring.

Also notice the completely erroneous understanding of what acting in good conscience consists of, as given by the President, you are probably very familiar with it because it seems mighty popular in these Isles too.

“I have been taught in school, which was a Catholic school, that the final arbiter is really our conscience,” (erm no God is the final arbiter and he speaks through his Church) said the president. “We are not looking for a fight with the Church. (Well don’t flagrantly contradict Church teaching then!) I have invited them (already a ‘them’) many times so that we can have discussions, and we have focused on areas where we can agree.” (notice yet again the desire for endless discussions or ‘dialogue’ on the issue to try to find somewhere to drive a wedge into Church teaching)

To act in good conscience you have to make yourself aware of Church teaching and if the Church teaches clearly on the subject then you should conform yourself to the Church, otherwise you must admit that you are wrong and the Church is right.

This is a very hard fact to face, I know how it feels, I had to do this time and again when I converted and still do occasionally. But I always found that after I accepted the Church’s position a deep sense of peace would eventually arrive, and before I knew it the obviousness of the correctness of the Church’s teaching would hit me and a massive sense of relief would fill me because the consequences of ignoring Church teaching are dire in this life, never mind the next.

Stubbornness and pride are essential inside the boxing ring but are difficult things to grapple with in life and faith, a fight which Manny seems to have won and that the president is rapidly losing.


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