Have your own mini apocalypse!

Perhaps its counterproductive to go on about the recent end of the world prediction, but I’m going to anyway.

Isn’t eschatology fun for all the family!

Its interesting that the views of Mr Camping seem to be that born again Christians (whatever that means) get scooped up into the air so they avoid the tribulations of the end times. This, it goes without saying, is a very selective reading of the Bible.  It is essentially prosperity gospel heresy projected into the apocalypse.

Have any of you actually read Revelations cover to cover in one go? (a glass or two of wine helps) its a great read, there is so much to it, psychedelia, prophesy, epicness, sophisticated social commentary on its own times.  The one thing it doesn’t say, is “by the way don’t worry about it its the end of the world because you won’t be doing any of the suffering”.  The local Church’s it was writing about were all suffering horrendous persecution and since most of them are in that troubled corner of Asia, the Church is still persecuted there to this day.  Nothing has changed.

Revelations is a call for Christians to endure, because the vision of heaven, of Judgement, of God’s magnificence is so strong it can sustain you through the harshest treatment.

In the west the biggest toil is the daily grind, the jobs we slog away at to keep roofs over our heads and food on the table, while atheists constantly take potshots at us, and tell everyone to live like nihilists.  This very quickly becomes soul destroying if we don’t focus our lives on God. We need the book of Revelations, we need to read it, we can’t let crazy evangelicals monopolise the last book in the Bible.

So that’s my thought for the day, read the book of revelations, from start to finish (its not all that long, should take you a day or two at most). Enjoy it, have your own mini apocalypse.


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