The good world news.

Well four Christians have taken their cases to Europe about discrimination against them and their religious beliefs. Good luck to them, but I wouldn’t hold out much hope. I thought it was European court pronouncements that started us all off down the ‘equality and diversity’ fascism route in the first place. Then again I may be wrong.

Oh and remember how I said we should send Apache gunships to Libya ages ago… looks like I could work at the MOD. Took their sweet time, and don’t tell me it took this long to sufficiently degrade Libya’s air defense network…

Anyway, right, what else, the Republican party is in disarray trying to find a viable candidate to challenge Obama, who is still incredibly vulnerable in America. And since I think his foreign policy has been disastrous, apart from successfully hunting down Bin Ladin, the world will be a safer place with virtually anybody else at the helm of the last superpower. There are big decisions coming up regarding Yemen and Syria where someone really needs to step up to the plate. (not to mention the democratic party’s rabid attachment to the abortion industry) Unfortunately neither of those issues are what are going to make him a one term president, its the economy (stupid) and the healthcare bill. Providing the republican party can rustle up an electable candidate of course.

Lately I’ve been watching a heck of a lot of the West Wing, its great, but two things annoy me, when ever they mention ‘a woman’s right to choose’ and whenever it mentions anything military, because the show almost always gets that totally wrong too.

But the characters in the west wing always strive to do what is right, which is what makes it such an appealing fantasy. I guess it brings me to questions of human nature, I do believe people will 9 times out of 10 act as they see best, they will want and try to do what is right, yet they often allow warped ideas about what is right to overpower them.

Take Tony Blair for example, “I did what I thought was right” seems to be his mantra, yet he ignored millions of people, he ignored the Pope. He ignored so many people who thought the Iraq war was unjust and illegal, especially since the pretext was falsified.

This again is Morality vs. Ethics, although what it really boils down to is egomania vs humility. Ok, moving on, if my curate reads this he’s going to know I’m dissing his sermon, but anyway, I don’t think its right that we should be constantly introspective, that we should be constantly questioning whether what we are doing is right.

My understanding of vocation is simple, there are so many many things that we can do as human beings that are good and holy. We can dance, and sing, and paint pictures, build bridges, we can be poets, even soldiers, we can put in a mind numbing spirit crushing day at the office and just so long as at the end of the day it enables us to live like free children of God there is goodness in it.

These days people look on Christianity as a list of thou shalt nots when really, those very few things you shouldn’t do are the only things you shouldn’t do. Virtually everything else can give glory to God. We have an amazingly all embracing religion, I suppose its called Catholicism for a reason. But if we constantly question ourselves, isn’t that a lack of faith? Surely we can hope that if we are going down the wrong path millions of people will appear in the streets waving placards and the Pope will phone us and beg us to reconsider? *ahem Tony*

I think the saint’s who have achieved great things did so, not by constant introspection, but by having faith that God would sustain the work of their hands, nothing can be built without God’s grace. We need to have faith that if we have a desire to build God’s kingdom, God promises to grant our prayers. Not because they are perfect prayers, they probably aren’t, but because Christians doing what they can with the faith they have is the only way the kingdom of God has ever progressed on this troubled planet.


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