Its been too long

I’ve been down in the dumps I’m afraid to say, which is why I haven’t posted in a while… so down in the dumps in fact that I sought medical help, yes Citalopram has been benevolently doled out; a Prozac derivative…

There are all sorts of conflicting tides to deal with when you are grappling with depression, so I would like to hit a few over the head right here and right now.

First of all I’m not depressed because of my religion, I don’t have “the guilt”, in fact my religion is what sustains me and is the only thing in my life which really helps me get through the day. Its the only good decision I’ve ever made in my life really. Catholicism embraces the entirety of human nature so lovingly and passionately, there is no other religion like it.

That doesn’t mean that I think I’m on good terms with God right now, as soon as depression hits (and for me its been and will probably continue to be a life long struggle) my prayer life takes a hit. Depression is selfish, the daily grind becomes about sustaining your own emotional health, rather than looking out for others, especially the great ‘other’ which is God.

I can only hope that God understands, for me it is a genetic thing really, it ain’t nothing but a family thing, it seems weird to have been clobbered by this invisible cosh when so much of my life has been great, coming from a loving family, being raised in a Christian environment and being naturally bright the world should be my mollusc.

So anyway, that’s what’s going on with me, and I realise I’ve been incredibly self centered talking about it, but never-mind.

Ok then, well, I do seem to go on about the world going to hell in a handbasket a lot but it seems to be the shinobi’s role, to warn about the impending doom. So then, the first article which raised my hackles was this it seems to me the man has completely lost touch with the traditional values of his country and the real separateness of devout Islam from those values, there are a mass of contradictory statements there that I’m too tired to unpick…

There also seems to be an incredible obsession with homosexuality, as if that were the only litmus test of what is acceptable. The whole interview was a fascinating study in twisting the truth, and underlying it is the cast iron assumption that anyone who has a problem with homosexuality is a neanderthal who needs to get with the times.

This right here represents the most maliscious shifting of the of the goalposts, the positioning of the question in order to seperate the just from the unjust, and it is nearly as cynical as the Roman empire trying to get early Christians to eat food sacrificed before idols.

Christianity isn’t about one single moral issue. Christianity has built Europe from the rubble time and time again, it embraces all that is good in humanity, it calls people to be better than they are, and with faith and the holy spirit it succeeds in doing so.



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