Hi there, time to get back on the wagon… so to speak.

Well one of the things my therapist is keen to get me to do is do all the things I used to do but stopped doing when I got really depressed… and this is one of them.  So for a readership of none I’m going to bare my soul… well a little bit of it anyway.

I just had a good evening mass, everything went well, I served well, my PP was very incense happy this evening, four or five spoonfuls of the stuff every time he imposed incense which was a nice change.

Went to the pub afterwards even though there were only us two diehards there and had a good laugh about the vicissitudes of life .  One such twists of fate is that I got given a month’s notice at work last week, which whilst I’m dreading being unemployed a bit of time out might give me a chance to get my head straight.

I’ve also been off the happy pills for a few days now, and I’m not sure whether to go back onto them, how much good they are doing is very debatable especially since one of the side effects seems to be to make me incredibly amorous lol, well maybe its not just the pills…

Being more sociable  seems to help, its good to talk to people who I haven’t chatted with since I took my big dip early summer.

Sadly someone who I considered a good friend flew off the handle on me a week and a couple of days ago, and said some very hurtful things when I was at a very low ebb, subsequently unless he thinks to apologize I can’t really be doing with him right now… if he does all can be forgiven, but I don’t know whether it will even cross his mind. Sad really because I’m not the kind of person who can afford to lose friends, but hey, such is life, maybe its time to meet new more gentle people.

What else has happened… erm the day after I lost my job my computer monitor died in a shower of sparks and I got a HUGE electricity bill so I’m very bankrupt at the mo even before I hit the dole queue… I managed to haggle the bill down a bit and get a second hand screen for £40 but still, I’m already hovering around the bread line. In fact I’ve been living off toast for one of my two daily meals for the last three weeks… All this nonsense about anthropogenic global warming is impoverishing us… its time people  started thinking about the human cost of this myth.  (to the economy and to people dieing of fuel poverty)    Anyway, its time to start investing in heavy duty pajamas.

So yes, that is the news with me, an almost totally self centered egomaniacal post, but then I doubt anyone will be reading it bar me so hey, God bless anyone who reads this and may your guardian angels be with you! 🙂 and pray for me!


One thought on “Hi there, time to get back on the wagon… so to speak.

  1. We read you… come and visit us! (um, even though that means bus fair), in the evening one of us could prob take you home.

    Though at present we are tied to the hospital…

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