Christmas time?

The powers that be are putting up Christmas lights in my city tonight…  what ever happened to advent?  I’m sure I probably said this last year, but I’ll say it again, the reason why so many people loathe Christmas is because the buildup in the commercial world is so long and arduous… how long till we start hearing the same 20 Christmas songs that anyone can remember in every single shop? after Halloween probably…  I guess I can’t complain too vociferously since at least one of the sets of lights put up are a nativity.

The other problem with the build up is there is no… build up… November suddenly arrives and we have millions of frustratingly jolly looking Santas and snowmen cramming the windows of shops and horrendously cheery Christmas songs… (bar the Pogues who are a bastion of downbeat seasonal optimism) Advent in the Church in contrast is a slow and quiet, contemplative time of anticipation before the big day, much more wholesome.

Right onto important matters are sugar gliders the cutest animals on earth?

Apparently they have poor bladder control though… so like all things in nature, what at first looks cute as a pet ends up smelling and trashing your house… still, cute though!



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