Wots up Doc?

So then, its been a funny old week.

Looks like the Greeks are going to pull the rug out from under the Eurozone, and with everyone still standing on it too! everyone on the same planet as that metaphorical sheepskin is holding their breath and sticking their arms out in the hope of keeping their balance.

Being a Christian brings insight into this rather omen laden economic happenstance I think.  St Paul tells us that his faith teaches him how to be poor and how to be rich,  the same faith is offered to us through Christ…   So we can look on at the impending economic gloom with a glint in the eye.  My favourite quote from Babylon 5 is “its a good thing life is unfair, because if it wasn’t everything bad that happened to us would be because we deserved it!”.

Good on the Greeks though, the sooner they get out the Euro the better, and we’ll see if a default really wrecks the world, or whether it’ll just make life a little less ordinary…. , either way, holidays to Greece will become rather attractively priced. Its funny, the average Greek voter may be able to come to an eminently more sensible solution than all the Eurocrats still clinging to their dream of a federal Europe, you never know it might even sink the Euro before it sinks most of the rest of Mediterranean Europe.

Right less politics, today is all Saints day of course, and what an uplifting holy day it is, I went to a vigil mass last nite, which is kinda cheating, but it means I’ve been filled with the happy glow of all Saints day for nearly 24 hours now…  Its like a big hug from God, saying “you can make it, look at all these who’ve gone before you!”

Then we have all souls, which in a weird way I think is even more uplifting, knowing that it’s not just the perfect that get to heaven, but the common foot soldiers like me who sometimes get more than a little bit stuck in the mud.   Also knowing that I can pray for the dead and when I’m dead hopefully someone will  pray for me is a massive comfort.

Then on Friday we have the feast day of my Parish’s namesake so bacon butties on Friday! Followed by bonfire night on Saturday… and with seemingly everyone in the world wearing Guy Fawkes masks these days… pretty soon we’ll be burning effigies of parliament I’m sure.

On a similar anarchic thread, isn’t it hilarious to watch St Paul’s Cathedral implode in a shower of self doubt and woolliness over one or two clueless hippies. Its rapidly becoming one of the myriad of reasons I’m so glad to be Catholic. I shouldn’t be too smug though I guess, what would Vinny Nichols do in the same situation?  knit them socks to go with their sandals I’m sure…

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