MMMMM nom nom nom.

Well, the weekend is here.  A few days where we can act like genuine human beings before being thrown back into the soulless robotic world of the corporate machine. Oh its going to be a cheery post I can tell.

Its been sad to see my favourite candidate for US president getting bogged down by mud raking.  He’s the only truly interesting candidate, with enough appeal to reach the tea-party, the bible belt and the mainstream GOP and an  honest to God Christian with charisma! Oh and to be a little bit more risque, he’s more black than Obama so maybe people who vote purely on skin colour will actually have to think about the issues!

Anyway, this mud raking isn’t really about the Republican primary whether it was leaked by a Republican candidate or not, it wouldn’t be pursued by the liberal media in America so ruthlessly and with such little regard for objective ethical reporting it it were. Its about making all the Republican candidates damaged goods when it comes to facing Obama, who shouldn’t be written off, especially if the Republican’s offer up a non entity.

The incumbent doesn’t have to go the full 15 rounds of a nomination battle, he can turn up at the presidential primary as the veritably unsullied white knight (or should that be black knight?) of American politics. Whilst Obama’s approval rating is low basically people don’t hate him, swing voters might just stick with the devil they know rather than turn to another professional politician with no new ideas and whose only manifesto claim will be ‘vote Republican’.

Anyway less on events an ocean away. I went to a Maltese friend’s of mine last night and was fed to bursting point…. First came the olives salsa and hummus with dipping bread, then lightly fried cornmeal in blue cheese sauce, then pasta… then the main course which was a tomatoey Mediterranean version of a scotch egg.  I turned down the lemon drizzle cake in fear of exploding like the Hindenburg, but still felt like a blimp walking home.

It didn’t help that I’d had a full English breakfast in the morning (2 sausages 3 bacon, black pudding, beans, mushrooms, tomato and egg.) and a footlong Italian BMT sub at subway for lunch (filled with jalapenos which I somewhat regretted later).

Now I just need to find a way to lose the pounds…



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