More Politics.

Well then, time for some more melancholic commentary… Or is it? I’ve been thinking about why I’m so interested in the US Presidential elections & I think its because at least they are having the small government vs big government debate.

Everyone in Britain knows we are stuck in the mud politically.  Our government is a third way Tony Blair tribute band further ideologically crippled by a coalition status whereby the least popular political party gets to bring its most key policies (ie the things that probably make the least amount of sense) into reality with absolutely no electoral mandate.

I’ve got a confession to make, I truly and deeply despise the Lib dems. I might have said this before, but its always worth saying again. They seem to embody every compromised ideological and moral value and try to present it as virtue. They are so deeply in bed with the culture of death and despair and I’m not just talking about their love of killing the vulnerable and voiceless (aka abortion/assisted suicide).

The Lib dems also have a rabid love of the elitist bureaucratic machine that is the EU (or the fourth Reich as I like to call it) and this seems to suggest that they believe nations can’t be trusted to act as responsible members of the  global community unless they are shackled together with unwieldy one size fits none legislation and the crippling effects of the Eurozone.

And conversely when nations that really shouldn’t be trusted with global finances inevitably fall down the economic hole they’ve dug for themselves, because they are shackalled to the rest of continental Europe by the Euro hobble, they are inevitably dragging the rest along in with them. Never trust Greeks bearing gifts, or ridiculously profligate spending policies as the case might be. But did you know that a lot of countries that joined the EU relatively recently wern’t given a choice about the Euro when they entered? they had to give up their currency even when it was massively against their intrests to do so. How anti democratic is that? Anyway where was I? Ahh yes, I’m sure the Lib Dems would take the Great out of Britain given the chance, oh wait, they already are.

The lib dems are also massively in bed with the AGW rentseeking lobby (for more info see James Delingpole) Its not often you can say that a government minister’s biggest failing isn’t that he’s a criminal but that his energy policy is singlehandedly holding back the country from economic growth.

If I hadn’t given my electricity provider a severe brow beating at the moment I would officially be  living in fuel poverty and for the moment I’m in full time employment. As it is I’m just above it, but still electricity prices are going to continue to soar until something constructive is done about it and if I had an extra £30 spending money a week I’d probably waste it on things that keep people in this country in jobs.

All this economic gloom makes me feel like Frodo when he says, “glad to be with you Samwise Gangee here at the end of all things” except we are not at the end of all things, we are merely at the end of all positive European thought about the human condition. We have lost faith in our ability to work constructively for a brighter future.

Why have we let politicians take this away from us? why do we let our govenment manage our decline rather than encourage our freedom?

What this country needs is freedom, freedom from socialism that takes our money in taxes so we have nothing left to give to charity, nothing left to spend on looking after our own families or raise children the way we’d see best, sometimes we are not even left with ability to look after ourselves. We have to rely upon the state to do these things (albeit incredibly inefficiently) and they took our money in the first place!

But this debate is not being had in this country… instead we have David Cameron, another hopeless Etonian paving the broad road to perdition.


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