Holydays are a coming! Holydays are a coming!

Well then, its nearly Christmas. Thank God for that!

Though I recently found out I’d been far more charitable than I’d have liked… a standing order I’d set up to a charity way back in the day when I had money, just went out of my account, now I’m wondering whether I’ll be able to afford Christmas presents this year. Oh well I should probably see it as a good deed done and try and forget it.  The etiquette of ringing a charity and asking for your money back is far too tricky to navigate.

Anyway yes. Isn’t the world in a funny state. Cameron has staved off being chained to the rotting corpse that is the Eurozone for a little while. Though I reckon the unelected apparatchiks will find a way to punish us for being right all along. Merkozy is acting just like a little girl yelling at her brother because she lost his ball, to quote the white stripes.  Anyway it makes for good pantomime watching them yelling at us for not joining them in a burning building…

As for Religion, well all seems fairly quiet on that front. Vincent Nichols gave a dull speech a while back, that was so insipid I can’t even lambast it.  What he should be saying is that secularists should be lined up and shot for trying to spoil everyone’s fun.  Having a bleak Godless worldview is one thing but trying to force it on the rest of us is a crime. I got a calander at work from one of my company’s Polish logistics suppliers, did the world explode when it had all the Saints days and holy days of obligation highlighted in red on it? no it did not and it was wonderful. It is possible, we can have a better world, perhaps we should start campaigning to keep atheists out of the public square and see how they like it.

Talking about people spoiling our fun MP’s trying to act morally superior to Jeremy Clarkson to score a very cheap political point by deliberately failing to understand irony is just pathetic.  They should be warned because Jeremy Clarkson is far more popular than they are, what is more everyone working in the private sector completely agrees with Clarkson.   Pension? what pension do I have? will I ever have? I’ll be working till I’m 103! Get a grip people!   I get the feeling that the strike was never about pensions, but to show the government the price will be far too high if and when it tries to make some real cuts (ie start laying people off).

Other spoil sports include people who want to make booze more expensive… sorry but cheap booze is one of the few good things left in this country, we need it to numb the pain of our bone crushingly depressing jobs. (yes I’m still employed till the 19th of January.)   I’m reduced to ASDA’s own premium cider at the moment (which really isn’t that bad) its incredibly cheap, and if having a glass or two after work is a crime then you’d have to lock up 90% of the country.  I’ve got news for you fun spoilers, Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood and Kieth Richards are all still alive… and they’ve had a lot more than me, they probably won’t fare too badly in retirement either, damn them!


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