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Its been a while, I’d love to say I’ve been very constructive with all my free time, but alas not.  You start getting bored and very quickly you become boring, you don’t want to see the great wall of China because you’ve seen a picture of it, and its just a wall after all.

So then its been a very strange week in the news at least.
Argentina is as ever ramping up its sabre rattling.
There has been a death threat against the Pope attributed, most likely malisciously, to a Cardinal whilst he was in China… mental.  Smells like devious commie misinformation to me.
There is also a rumour that Kim Jong-Un has been assassinated…

The UN security council has shown how totally morally bankrupt the Russian and Chinese governments are, oh but we already knew that didn’t we.

The winning touchdown of the Super bowl was scored unintentionally…

The Eurozone is as ever circling the plughole.

Jeremy Clarkson somehow keeps getting into the papers for saying something ever so slightly un-PC.  For which he should get a medal, along with Prince Philip. Don’t people who rant about anything said by Clarkson, Frankie Boyle or Jimmy Carr know that they just make them more popular?

American politics has been interesting to watch.  The Republican nominees are looking increasingly lame (oh why Herman Cain why???).  Barack Obama has decided he doesn’t need Catholic votes, but his assault on religious freedom might not go down too well with Bible belt America either…  yet I still have the horrible feeling he’ll get re-elected to the detriment of the US and the world mainly because the Republicans are too busy savaging each other.

UK politics are looking even worse. Chris Huhne resigned, because he’s probably a criminal (how many of these Lib dems can resign for breaking the law???)  only to be replaced by another global warming wind farm endorsing lunatic. Nick Clegg looks more Spanish by the minute, Cameron looks less principled and more like a clueless Etonian by the second.

Also since I have become unemployed I have to give up my right wing priviledges and become a Marxist (only without the anti-religion bent) so that makes commenting on UK politics far less fun and I have to start saying things like, benefits are too low. People should be paid to lounge about because there are no jobs and if the people who do lounge about don’t spend money then the people with jobs will soon be people without jobs too. It doesn’t make sense but I’m standing by it!!! (until the second I get a job and all these pathetic layabouts can get their hands off my taxes!)

Actually one thing that has annoyed me is that for some unknown reason you lose 3 days at the start of any benefits claim, nobody could tell me why, its like the 3 days disappear down a black hole for some reason.  So I was expecting my JSA to be backdated to the day I opened it, alas not. It seems every time I think I’m poor something comes along and makes me poorer.

So then, on religion, a little bird told me that the bishop of Middlesbrough will be presiding at the York pilgrimage in honour of St Margret Clitherow. This is big news really. Finally an English successor of the apostles is engaging with the latin mass movement in the UK. Bishop Terence Drainy will have to get used to people kissing his apostolic ring and kneeling to receive communion! And perhaps certain odd bods within the Latin Mass movement will have to get used to having a English Bishop in their midst.   Very interesting times, put this in your diaries everyone.

Right, since I’m sure nobody is reading this blog, I’ll be happy to continue this stream of consciousness style and end this post just as clumsily as I started it. Adieu!


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