Was the virgin Mary as young as the girl in the photo when she gave birth?

Ok, I’ve been wondering, terms like wrong, illegal, immoral and sin are very different. Is it possible that something could be illegal and a not a sin? almost certainly. Is it possible that something could be illegal and wrong, but not immoral? maybe. As for something that can be legal and a sin, need we even ask.


That’s a pretty interesting read really.  So yes it would be illegal, and wrong for an underage couple to have sex.  It would be a sin too since they aren’t married.  But since most people who fall into the trap of underage sex (which has been so perfectly set for them by the modern media) have received little to none in the way of correct moral formation are they necessarily culpable? the answer is no.

I think I’ve made the point before that one thing we have to do is not throw the baby out with the bathwater, in this case in quite a literal sense.  I might be really tempting controversy when I say that isn’t it quite strange that the picture of mother and child at the top of that blog is actually disquietingly beautiful.  I’m pretty sure that girl isn’t the baby’s mother but that doesn’t matter, because the alternative to that metaphor is abortion.

I was in Tesco desperately trying (and failing) not to spend money the other day and I saw what I’m sure was a teenage mother, with a child that was at least four years old. And you know what, the sky did not fall, the earth didn’t split apart with lava spewing forth, dragons didn’t appear from a parallel dimension to turn humanity into charcoal briquettes.  In fact, the girl, who probably did drop out of school, probably does live off benefits and the generosity of her parents (like me I suppose on those latter two counts) looked pretty serene, and the kid looked pretty happy.

Life is beautiful, we are forgetting that in the UK, we are probably one of the most depressed nations on earth at the moment.  We need to realise that life has such incredible value and that a baby’s gurgles and giggles are such a better outcome than the highroad to abortion that seems to be part of most policy in regard to teenage pregnancy.

This is where the Catholic Church will always trump other religions, because it meets people in whatever situation they are in, and it doesn’t condemn sinners only calls us to repentance. Even those espousing the cake or death gospel of niceness that is Anglicanism can also be the Church of propriety. Yes the scandalous truth is that a young girl who keeps her baby no matter the cost needs to be praised! It reminds me of another young girl who conceived out of wedlock and gave birth in a cattle shed. I wish there was a way to say that to the girl in Tesco without seeming like a mental case.


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