Having lost my credentials as a hard nosed Catholic in my last post…
I do realise there was a slight contradiction in my last post, that celibacy in its most literal sense means simply not to marry and I don’t believe in gay marriage, but then I don’t mean that gay people shouldn’t have to be chaste either.

So what I am saying is that there should be a way within the Church that gay lifelong monogamous romantic love could be accepted, yes even if they want to express their love physically! heaven forbid they come out of the closet ;-0 (yes I think you’ve all guessed by now that I’m not entirely straight which is why I’m wittering on about this…)

This brings me on to the rather depressing, indeed, sickening, news that in the 1950’s at least ten young men (most likely more) were castrated by Catholic Church run psychiatric homes in the Netherlands. What is more, at least one victim gave consent. The only words to describe that are: what a complete mind-fuck that man must have been given.  That thinking so distorted could be acceptable staggers belief, the 1950’s were a long time ago and the world has come a long way since then, but its still horrific.

It does need putting into context though, at the time homosexuals in England were imprisoned or offered chemical castration, so it is sad and inevitable that this case in the Netherlands will be seized upon as a tool to attack the Church, when really the tragic thing about it was that the ‘care’ given by these institutions was very much a thing of its time and was simply mirroring the social mores of its day.

The social mores of today aren’t the reason why the Church should be more accepting of homosexuality, the timeless unfailing love of God on the other hand, yes we could do that. For some reason I’m reminded of Gimli and Legolas in the Lord of the Rings;

“To think that I would die side by side with an Elf!”

“what about side by side with a friend?”

“aye, I could do that”.


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