Stop the world I want to get off.

This post may contain generalised ranting, you have been warned.

There seems to be a lot of stories about pointless deaths in the news at the moment.  There was a girl running a marathon who dropped dead (her brother died too, her parents must be facing incomprehensible levels of grief), there was an actor playing Judas in a passion play who accidentally hanged himself and there was the MI6 analyst who died, most likely after a bizarre sex game gone wrong. It all seems too pointless, I mean there must be better ways to die, like taking a bra off with your teeth age 101, well, just so long as its not your bra and your teeth are in your head.

This general feeling of melancholy is too mild a term to describe the current political landscape. Barrack Obama is going to win the next election in America, so we are going to have another four years with the leader of the free world sleeping at his post, throwing America’s allies under a bus and appeasing menacing world powers.

Ed Miliband is only slightly to the right of Stalin and seems set to win here, which will send the UK back to the 1970’s.  The socialists look like they might win in France doing the same there which will DOOM the EU like nothing else and when that ship sinks we may be in for an even rougher ride than we are already having…

The country is back in recession, we have a huge (and still growing) budget deficit and national debt, yet unions are advocating strike action left right and center. And the Tory government are looking ever more disengaged with reality, run like an old Etonian schoolboy clubhouse, and can’t seem to go a week without a gaffe or an accusation of corruption. Politics in this country is rapidly polarising again and becoming more about division than the common good and the center ground.

Is there any news that raises a smile? The England squad has a new manager and I wonder if we should place bets on how long it’ll take that poison chalice to have its evil effect? We could talk about the Arab spring? no we’ve sold the Syrian people down the Euphrates…

Argentina is continually ramping up its rhetoric over the Falklands to the stage where I think there may be a war on the horizon so long as president Kirchner stays in power and is desperately trying to distract from the woeful domestic economic situation prevalent in her damnable backward country.

If I read one more British newspaper article which lovingly informs me that the Argentinians call the islands something other than the Falklands I’m going to do a nutty.  They have no right to call them anything!!! they do not, nor ever have they belonged to Argentina. Thirty years after world war two Germany didn’t have the gall to say big chunks of Poland or France actually belonged to them! why should anyone put up with the same behaviour from Argentina? The sad thing is if the islands were successfully invaded (unlikely, but never say never), with no aircraft carriers maybe till 2020 and beyond we will have no way of taking them back.

What is even more irksome is the carrier variant of the aircraft we were buying to justify having two large aircraft carriers sometime in the distant future DON’T WORK! they can’t land because their cable arrester hook is too close to the undercarriage. There isn’t enough time to raise the arrester cable on the flight deck to successfully trap the aircraft and stop it running off the end of the carrier and into the sea, with a $20million plop.

Thank you Labour defense budget black hole, thank you Tory defense review, thank you Lockheed Martin for making a useless one size fits none multi-billion dollar boondoggle which is now too expensive to be scrapped. We are thus getting the slightly shitty short take off and vertical landing version, which despite a lower radar profile is actually less capable than the Harrier jump jets Britain just scrapped. Yes I’ve got too much time on my hands.

I don’t know, I’m rapidly approaching 30 and the world is run by idiots and I’m unemployed and in therapy. Stop the world I want to get off.


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