Armageddon, or not.

Hah! Horizon, that ridiculous pseudo-science show has finally embraced its doom mongering nature and done a show on Armageddon.

Nuclear war I hope is no longer on the international agenda and as long as we don’t get hit by a planet killer asteroid or someone with the ebola virus doesn’t get on a plane to Heathrow we’ll be fine…

Ok when you put it like that its not as crazy as you might think, but still I think the Apocalypse is a way away. I wonder what the next theoretical threat to the world is going to be now that global warming is gradually losing all credibility.

I’m watching it as I type, interesting that missionaries were vital in eradicating smallpox by guiding health officials to outbreaks. So one up for organised religion.

Ha haaaah, like clockwork we have come to global warming right at the end of the show, pull the other one its got bells on. Lol and a little not so subtle bash on capitalism too, gotta love it. Will they turn round and poo-poo the theory before the end of the show??? I wouldn’t bet a penny on it.

Right at the end there is a whopper of a lie “life on earth has been wiped out in the past, so it could happen again” erm when has all life on earth been wiped out? and where is the proof for that statement? Nothing like the BBC to trawl its archives and embrace stories that are rapidly losing all relevance and credibility.


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