Election day.

Well election days have happened across Europe.

Greece has a rather complicated proportional representation system and the far right and far left who are both anti-austerity have scuppered their parliaments ability to form a government. France has a new left wing president, though I’m not sure he’s going to be able to talk Angela Merkel off her austerity high horse… methinks the lady’s not for turning. Hollande is enacting a 75% top rate of tax, so the rich will be leaving the country like rats from a sinking ship taking all their money with them. So markets are beginning to to take a hit already… oh and Putin was sworn in as president in Russia, again, not that you can really call Russia a democracy these days, you do tend to win if you ban opposition parties.

Ed Miliband is cooing like a pigeon over the result in Europe like its going to show the world that a nation can borrow its way out of a recession… Never mind that the mid term results in this country weren’t anywhere as near as crushing a victory as they would have been if he had more charisma than a pistachio-nut. Talking of which I didn’t even bother voting this time round for the first time since I was legally entitled to vote, my local ward was won by Labour with 60% of the vote last year and the conservatives were beaten by UKIP… (what a UKIP candidate is going to do in local politics is beyond me…) so I didn’t think that my vote would be worth too much and the local Labour councilor isn’t bad enough for me to cast a vote against out of spite.

Good old Boris won in London though, who’d bet against him being leader of the Conservative party leader in the next ten years?

Oh and Cardinal Sean Brady needs to resign as soon as possible since it emerged he was far more complicit in protecting a child rapist paedophile priest than was previously thought.  The man clearly has no clue as to ‘what would Jesus do?’ Jesus would have put the protection of children above toeing any party line. The Cardinal cannot do the right thing, that moment passed him by decades ago, but he can at least admit his total inadequacy to be a prince of the Church. But I doubt a moment of lucidity will occur now, he’s been living with his head in the sand for so long…

And in a comedy of errors the Olympic chaplaincy team logo is a globe with the word faith under it…  they couldn’t have separate logos for their respective faiths? oh no, that might offend someone.

So fun fun fun.


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