Misanthropy: a force for good? really? No.

It can be hard to love humanity sometimes, God only knows how hard.

We can be close to the Angels at times, yet we seem to slump into idiocy with alarming frequency. It always amazed me that charities that look after animals get so much more money than ones that look after us smelly Homo-sapiens. The small but significant step from that state of affairs to unabashed misanthropy seems to be being taken ever more frequently by environmental groups and I’m not just talking about the global warming scam.

I got into a small debate on Facebook over the weekend when someone deplored the fact that shark was on a list of 100 things to eat before you die.  At first I didn’t really know why, but I’m all in favour of eating shark. I think its because I was raised by watching David Attenborough films as a child, you learn that nature, while beautiful, is also deadly. Spider monkies may be cute but Chimpanzees still eat their faces… We are creatures of this world and just like chimps and sharks we rely on being at the top of the food chain.

There is a better reason to eat shark though, we already catch it anyway. Our fishing boats catch lots of stuff that is probably very tasty but which gets thrown back. Why? because people are obsessed with Cod and Haddock, possibly the blandest fish.  We should eat what nature provides, not just toss it back (usually its already dead or dying) food is food, if we eat more of what we catch we won’t need to fish as much, thus sustaining fish stocks which is good for both us and those lovable cuddly sharks.

When I mentioned this an environmentalist said we should just stop fishing with nets entirely. I’m sorry? what? some of us like being able to afford food… No according to this wayward crusader we should all sacrifice in order to save the little fishies. Putting Jaws above the little kiddies is a new one.  I didn’t want to go into a rant on Facebook, but did Mr Environment man realise just how misanthropic his idea was?

I also got to thinking, why is it that environmentalists seem to care so much about top end predators? is it because for some reason they remind us of ourselves? They are beautiful, they are fast, they are vicious… oh wait they do want to protect giant rats from nasty despicable farmers too, who should of course be killed.

Oh well, on a more cheery note, here’s a cute story in the name of balance, Hollywood film material surely. Maybe there is hope for us homo-sapiens after all.

Talking of which, wasn’t the second reading interesting on Sunday? I mean isn’t the Bible so fantastically heretical sometimes? No? its inerrant scripture you say? Shucks. Well I guess we’ll just have to kick into touch a big chunk of all that “Catholic” guilt people seem to lug around then. I was chatting to one of my lapsed Catholic friends and it really is the basics that he struggles with, that God loves him, that Heaven will not just be some robotic cult with all the spontaneity of a North Korean political rally. God created us to be free at such great cost, yet because of a warped view of freedom espoused by the world and the devil people don’t believe that God really loves us as sons and daughters and just like any loving father will enjoy seeing his children play, because humanity is innately good, created in the image of God.


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