Double standards

It seems ridiculous to be going on about gay marriage all the time, really it’ll only be a big problem for the Anglican Church as Anglican priests will have to choose where they stand on the issue.   This is civil marriage we are talking about and the difference between that and the Catholic ideal of marriage is already gargantuan.

Having said that have a look at this.  This is one of the most worrying pieces of news I’ve seen in a while, not just because what it is but the president that it sets.  Also the massive double standards involved that are becoming entrenched in our country where liberal elites are allowed to dictate a radical social policy to the country but if anyone disagrees with them and wants to tell their children why then doing so is… illegal? Well actually by the very words of the quote of the Education act of 96 given by Mr Welsh Minister, the 96 act bans partisan campaigning.  Marriage is not a partisan issue, it is the foundation of society, its especially non-partisan since all the political parties are pretty much against the original meaning of marriage these days…

The amount of liberal political indoctrination I was subjected to at school was astounding, only most of it was done through the national curriculum via “Personal and social education” which basically meant being told right from wrong in a massively lefty way, then again I did spend most of my secondary school life in Catholic education…


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