Economics, WWJD?

I know that a lot of Catholics are left wing, or at least a lot in the north are, and the north is very left wing. So that might explain it. Except I know Catholics down south who are left wing too.  So I’m not sure if this post will interest any of its potential readers in the slightest. Never mind, here goes…

I just read an article which discussed the recent absent mindedness of the Conservative led government, principally concerned with its leadership. As I’m certain any reader can work out, I am relatively right wing. That article by the phenomenally intelligent Janet Daley cuts to the bone of the problems that afflict the political party that I most associate with. Yet I don’t think it really does it for me. I’m not satisfied with its analysis. There is something more, something that angers me about the current government that isn’t touched upon.

The article talks about how David Cameron is holding himself back, how he is not arguing effectively about what I assume and hope are his core values. In fact he doesn’t seem to be effectively arguing about issues that he himself states are the key issues of his government. David Cameron and to a certain extent Nick Clegg (I’m not sure the LibDems have any kind of concrete ethos to stand behind so I can’t be sure) are basing their political efficacy upon their ability to bring the budget deficit under control.

Except they aren’t doing that. They are failing to do so in a massive way. The budget deficit is still huge. They are making a lot of hot air about cuts that aren’t really occurring. Left wing activist are therefore reacting, battling wholeheartedly, against budget cuts that never get anywhere near to the root of the problem in the first place. The argument is being lost before it is even begun. If this government was operating in a budget surplus then perhaps it would be valid to argue that slowing the rate of public spending cuts might be a valid way to encourage economic growth in this country.

This is why the government cannot effectively oppose anything that Ed Milliband pronounces, because the government is itself failing to achieve its own objectives and misleading the country about how it is governing the country. It preaches austerity, yet practices champagne and caviar (albeit cut price versions). There are plenty of cuts that can be made, yet aren’t. Perhaps because David Cameron isn’t strong enough as a leader to go through with the measures that are best for this country.

If this government created a budget surplus and got rid of our national debt we could double the education budget! We could do all sorts of fantastic things to improve this country if we weren’t saddled with so much national debt from Labour government profligacy. This is the argument that the conservative party should be making. We could also seriously cut taxes, and make this country the business capital of the world, bringing wealth and yes even more tax revenues since that is all economists seem to think of these days. Yes it is possible to cut taxes and increase tax revenues. What this country needs, and indeed what all of Europe needs, is real economic growth, this will not be done by racking up massive debts. Paying off the every day interest charges on huge debts takes a huge chunk of our GDP that could be better spent on literally anything.

Europe isn’t interested in this message. France has just elected a party that thinks itself socialist, we’ll see how France copes with the reality of what it’s government has (or has not) power to do and how it lives up to its promises to rob the rich to give to the poor.

Greece on the other hand has voted to be in the Euro but not consent to single currency budgetary rules.  A spectacular exercise in doublethink. Greece needs to either leave the Euro or conform its economy to that of Germany. For all the madness of the Greek position, we will be in a similar place in only a few years. Now is the time for our government to put us in a sound economic position because after Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and maybe even France will go down the whirlpool of economic denial. Maybe Britain will be the silly little group of islands that everyone swims to to in their life jackets.

I’ve heard about Christian groups opposing any budget cuts in this country, would Jesus want us to live totally beyond our means as a country? Of course God centered morality should inform how the government goes about making efficient budget cuts (aaaah if wishing made it so), but to say there should be no cuts, I think not to do so would be to viciously betray future generations.

Of course as an unemployed person I have to remind you I’m actually a communist 😀


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