What is wrong with Philip Hammond?

First he wants to disband historic battalion names. Now he’s been watching GoldenEye one too many times. An EMP attack? has this guy been drinking out of lead cups?   The only way to protect against an EMP attack would be to shield every computer in the land and the entire national grid. Erm that is something that nobody can afford, Mr Hammond weren’t you the one going on about budget responsibility only last week? using it to justify merging two history battalions despite the fact that people join a regiment because of its history and ethos, that regimental pride is one of the reasons why we have some of the best soldiers in the world.

Never mind that as far as I know the only way to create an EMP of any significant size is to have a nuclear bomb.  I put it to you Mr Hammond, that any terrorist group with a nuclear bomb will not detonate it a hundred miles above us in low orbit but on the streets of London, where EMP will be the least of our worries. Since, thank God, terrorists have yet to pull that off, the only people who have nuclear weapons are states, and any EMP attack would be an act of nuclear war, and again EMP would be the least of our problems.

So what is this about? using a completely impractical fear factor to distract from the regimental names PR disaster and hopefully its subsequent U-turn? or from the embarrassing mix up over the carrier variant of the F-35 not being able to land on carriers??? take your pick.  Sadly since Mr Hammond was brought in to replace another embarrassingly calamitous Minister of defense, we are stuck with him.  Why is it that at the moment the government can’t find their ass with both hands and a map?

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