More chuntering about gay marriage…

Well, isn’t the American Presidential election interesting? no just me? Obama has totally written off the Christian vote and is running perhaps the most incredibly partisan campaign, whilst relying on negative attacks on Mitt Romney to see him through.  And its probably going to work, the longer Obama shifts attention from his economic record to social politics and character attacks (i.e. nothing of substance) he wins and boy does he know it.

Mr Electable looks ever more like Mr Wooden, unable to pivot the debate back to issues where the current president has disastrously failed his country. Romney is running defense rather than offense. The questions may be about gay marriage or abortion, but his answers have to be about Obama’s dismal record on the economy and foreign policy. Romney for president can’t be spending all its time making sure that conservative Christians go out and vote, an important minority though it may be, he needs to attract votes from across every demographic. If not Obama is going to get away with gleefully campaigning in favour of abortion and making ridiculous theological nonsense arguments in favour of gay marriage. So the irony is, Romney has to ignore these rather nasty and depressing red herrings if he is to punish a monstrous democratic party for nominating Obama in the first place.

On another note apparently Saint Isidore of Seville is the patron saint of computers, and I need to grow in devotion to him because my computer is slowly dying, the hard drive, every now and again starts doing the loud clicking that is the herald of its impending final demise and an immediate blue screen crash…  and I don’t have the money for a new one… my current hard drive is in Geek speak an IDE 80GB hard drive with a paltry 2MB buffer, in lay-mans terms, its very old and rubbish indeed.

I don’t want the latest top of the line gizmo (well actually I do but man cannot live by craving a good PC alone) I just need something maybe slightly better that’s reliable. I’m not sure how long I should put this off, because losing everything on my hard drive would be very depressing indeed. Still the clicking hasn’t happened for a couple of days now…

Going back to the Gay Marriage old chestnut, there seems to be a persistent rumour going about the internet, that there was gay marriage in the early Church. More likely some batty and low credibility university professor seems to have either willfully misinterpreted something or found a rather heretical little group and mistaken its practices with that of the Church. This rumour is gradually working its way into the mainstream media, and its probably not long before we see it on a BBC documentary.   I hope someone somewhere has been doing their homework on this so it can be refuted… do we have a Dominican professor of Church history we can wheel out?

No wait! the wonders of Google! (with a little help from Wikipedia) The batty professor is John Boswell, Medieval history professor at Yale… oh dear, what is the world coming to? well day by day ever nearer to the apocalypse of course…


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