Back to the US presidential campaign, because it amuses me.

OK. I might have been presumptuous that President Obama was going to be re-elected, apparently polling is putting Mitt Romney head to head with the incumbent if not slightly ahead. But I wasn’t wrong about the methods of the Obama campaign, now apparently Romney is a VAMPIRE and if you don’t vote democrat you are a racist.  Now that is incendiary language and is going to backfire on the Obama campaign.

The KKK who are racist aren’t going to vote Obama, but swing voters who aren’t racist are going to strongly dislike the accusation that their voting for someone other than the most left wing President in US history is because they are racist.

Now I know its risky of my to bring up the Republican candidature of Herman Cain, sadly he either did have a dubious past or he was on the receiving end of the most virulent character assassination campaign in electoral history. Either way, if the dark stories about this candidate’s personal history were false, he would have been a phenomenal presidential candidate. Racism? Sorry Barrack, Herman is more black than you are! and ooooh so Republican. Race should have NOTHING to do with how people select their democratic representatives and I think Barrack Obama has underestimated the people of his own nation by suggesting otherwise.


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