Coming out of the closet!

Isn’t life intriguing, two X-Men have tied the knot in gay marriage… and now one of the DC universes “iconic” characters is going to be re imagined as a gay character.

I think that is a bit of a shame really, it would have been better for the character to come out of the closet, rather than suddenly have been openly gay all along. The world should not be bent to conform to homosexuality, whether that means demanding marital status for gay civil partners, or suddenly making the Flash (or whoever it is) a raving bender.

Wouldn’t it be much more interesting if the DC universe character had been in the closet for so long because he or she was terrified of coming out? it would certainly be more lifelike and would have been an opportunity to criticise society for its intolerance in ages gone by, or not quite so far in the past as that institution with absolutely no conception of PR, One Million Mums, sadly proves. The world should not demand that homosexuals are bent and broken to fit its warped ideals of homogenization.

How hideous is it that a group of ‘mothers’ would want to force anyone back in the closet?  it would be fine if it were just a fictional character but I’m guessing its not, I’m guessing they’d like it if homosexuals went away. That the BBC found someone else to present their chat shows other than Graham Norton. (Well OMM seems to be quite an American phenomenon so they probably haven’t heard of him)

One thing that stuck in my brain when I visited the Jewish museum in Berlin was the tradition of eating a slice of orange at the passover meal introduced in the 1980’s.   If it is possible that a religion as steeped in tradition as Judaism can do something as incredible as that, add to a tradition in such a profoundly good way, thousands of years after that tradition began, what else is possible?

This post is fairly obviously building up to the fact that I am coming out of the closet at the moment.  I told my Mum last weekend. I’m Bi-sexual, have been cross dressing since I was 10 years old, and that has made me  a tiny bit transgender in my head. I know I’ve hinted at this on here but hey there you go, how’d ya like them apples?

So what does this mean? does this change anything? not much no.  I’m just out. I’m still Catholic. I still believe in God and God’s plan for humanity.   Ironically being honest about my sexuality has helped me be more open to romantic possibilities. Currently there is a girl who I’m rather smitten with, and better still she knows the truth about me and whilst we aren’t an item, she hasn’t run a hundred miles either… so the world is full of possibility.

Anyway I hope my Dad doesn’t read this because I haven’t come out to him yet!  I have a massive fear of being rejected by my parents, and fear that my religion has homophobia lurking in its history that might not be as irrelevant as it should be.  All this fear has been a big part of what has given me such a very long stint of serious depression.

The Catholic Church in theory recognises that people can’t just change their sexuality, but how does that work in practice?  I’m fine with the Church opposing gay marriage, but as for telling gay people they should never allow themselves any possibility of romance? I think that’s tragic. I also think there is a big pressure in the Church to stay in the closet, no matter the psychological damage doing so causes. So why not put an Orange on our Seder Table? It wouldn’t mean changing Catholic teaching, just being open, thanking God for fellow Christians who need to know that God is their loving father too.

Oh and this is a good article too, you know when I mentioned that Christians should have a presence in cyberspace gaming worlds? well apparently some already do.  Why should the Catholic Church leave this to evangelical protestants?


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