Does Vince Cable know what socialism is?

This is a rather dull article, which I only read because I’ve got far too much time on my hands, but this quote right near the end caught my attention:

Mr Cable said he would describe himself as a “middle of the road politician” who believes in the free trade but “also in a fairer distribution in income and reduced inequalities of income and wealth, so I don’t think that is socialism”.

Sorry, but it sounds a lot like socialism to me.  Imposing regulations to redistribute wealth and make everyone more equal isn’t socialism? By extension that must make the Labour party communist then…

Oh and by the way Mr Cable, because of the 5 year terms of government enshrined in Law to prop up your rather crippled coalition what exactly will happen for the last year when Nick and Dave are living in the same flat but not on speaking terms??? who is going to be running the country? how is that going to be good? though the cynic in me wonders how that will be different from what we have now…

Also while I’m ranting about politics, another story that catches my eye is the energy secretary’s crusade to financially cripple this country. What is even more annoying is that he brought in Shell and Centrica, to give him cover to talk down shale gas as a solution.

Never mind it is in both Shell and Centrica’s vested interest that shale gas dies a death because they are perfectly happy profiteering in the international gas market.   So we are going to be paying ever more massive subsidies, through taxes and energy bills, to provide for low carbon solutions. I thought this was supposed to be a conservative led government? surely this is all about economics, whatever is the cheapest form of fuel should be pursued, shouldn’t it?

The fact that Nuclear power might stand to gain is a bit of a sideshow because the massive start up costs of nuclear power will require a much bigger and far more long term commitment from government that will only make economic sense when the rock starts rolling down the mountain in a decade or two.   As it is that will be too late due to the dithering and short term-ism endemic in our political system, we are talking wind turbines, lots and lots of them.

Wind turbines which, by the way, need gas power stations on standby for when the wind inevitably drops, are massively inefficient and will never produce enough energy to keep the lights on, yes Shell and Centrica are laughing all the way to the bank and back again.

I don’t know why I bother really, just read James Delingpole’s blog. Its funny, though you soon might want to emigrate but realise there is virtually nowhere to go to that isn’t on the same level as madness as the UK. As soon as Greece goes back to the Drachma it would be a great time to buy an island perhaps?


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