God save the Queen

This jubilee business is beginning to bite, but not having a TV and having no big inclination to seek one out, its probably going to pass me by completely.

I have a strong respect for the Queen, she has been a steady hand through times of change, and will be infinitely superior to her son if he carries on making the daft pronouncements that he does now when he gets the crown.  I also however feel that the monarchy is none of my business in a way, they are a family, with both privilege and responsibility, but a family all the same, and I don’t think they benefit from me taking an interest in anything they do.

Frankly speaking I’m quite close to having republican sentiments.  The only problem with that of course is how would we choose our presidents? would we end up with the same kind of people as Nick Clegg or David Cameron (though actually I don’t think Cameron is too bad a chap, just like a guy who is waiting for something, he’s PM what is he waiting for?)

Would I care more about the royal family if they were Catholic? the truth is I probably would.  The history of persecution against Catholics was predicated on the conceit that Catholics weren’t loyal to a monarch of a different faith, and here I am, now I am free to do so, basically proving them right.  Of course back in the day most Catholics murdered by the state openly declared their loyalty to the crown and their country only minutes before they were hung drawn and quartered.  Something which takes a certain presence of mind to do, and exposed the whole thing for the blatantly vicious anti-Catholicism that it was.

So yes, the Queen, long may she rule over us (because Charles is going to be terrible) maybe there is hope for his sons who seem relatively normal.



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