Parents wanted, no men need apply.

I just stumbled over this in the Telegraph, yes, welcome to the brave new world where the clock strikes thirteen. The ministry of truth, I mean the NHS, has declared that a baby doesn’t need a father.  Apparently what happens is an exceptionally well trained stork delivers newborns down chimneys in white blankets with tiny parachutes to their respective adoring lesbian mothers…

Ok a cheap laugh maybe, but to disavow any mention of…. *shock horror* a man in the whole procreative process is rather crass.  I also wonder whether this casual relationship with biological necessity on behalf of the NHS isn’t part of the problem teenage parents face, I mean how can young parents take the NHS seriously when this is the kind of ideologically spun nonsense they can expect to be told?

Men are already terrified of children, they are so small and seemingly fragile.  They also seem to have a huge warning sign over them, saying, interact with them in any way and you will be sued into the next incarnation if they scrape their knee within the next five minutes. Young fathers probably do need advice, perhaps more than mothers precisely because the male role in parenting has been censored into oblivion by this mad society.

Society has come to expect men to do the deed and run… its amazing how many people ignore this nonsensical tide and live such incredibly subversive lives to actually raise their children together, some even get married to do it. Shocking I know, well unless you are gay then its your god given right to adopt children and be Daddy and Daddy, or Mummy and Mummy to a little nipper…


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