Well it turns out, the butler did it, caught red handed with documents at his flat.  This was a direct attack upon the Pope, there is no doubt about it. I wonder what his penance will be? Suitably harsh I hope. Because of his indiscretion we now have a grand conspiracy depicted in the media, where someone reads corruption into the more likely explanation that as usual the Church isn’t particularly good with money… this is exposed in some Dan Brownesque way… wow a member of Opus Dei is involved in the investigation! ooooh sexy stuff.

Playing this down is the best the Holy Father can do, because factionalism in the curia is something I do worry about. For a while I’ve worried that Benedict’s vision for the Church is being stifled from within the curia, and it seems this was a direct attempt to do that. I wish the Pope was more autocratic, his vision of the Liturgy outlined in his book, the spirit of the liturgy, is just what the Church needs to revive itself. But it is precisely because he his a sound thinker that he isn’t autocratic, he has to delegate to run the global Church and if he imposes his will the backlash will ruin anything he tries to build.

Unfortunately it does seem a bit of court intrigue has come with the territory. There is no doubt the Holy Father is trying to pack the College of Cardinals, I wish him all the best because we need another three popes as good as Benedict if we are to see the great ship that is the Church change course.  Benedict has set the heading, now its time for the curia to stop bickering over who holds the tiller and start turning the rudder.


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