Vice Lolly anyone?

This was in the Telegraph, I don’t know whether to applaud the company involved for going the extra mile really, is it offensive? maybe it just dips beneath that particular limbo pole.  I’ve got to confess, I love Absinthe and ice lollies so I’m all in favour of it. I also don’t think Lourdes water has any particular healing properties other than the placebo effect and just because water is from Lourdes doesn’t necessarily make it holy water. Also that ‘nun’ is wearing far too much make up to actually be a nun, which is good news for heterosexual men (and lesbians) the world over.

As for metaphorically sticking a gun in your mouth… well… a slightly weird one that. I can’t help but think they must have to freeze it pretty cold with all the booze in there, that pretty model is going to have very cold hands by the end of that shoot.

Here’s the Telegraph’s spin on more offensive adverts (is it a slow news day?) interesting to note that an advert advocating abortion and a billboard advert of a completely naked woman mid ‘crisis’ were well down the list, whilst eating with your mouth full was right at the top, nice to see the moral priorities of this country are in good shape. There is also a nice bit of anti-religious skulduggery in the mid table which is my weak excuse to write about pretty nuns with absinthe lollypops in the first place, well its what I’m sticking with anyway.


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