Well the Green Lantern is gay.

Big news in the comic book world, the green lantern is gay. Surprised? No not really, they were hardly going to make Wonder Woman, Superman or Batman gay were they.  (Though Wonder Woman might have worked, she needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.) (EDIT, actually thinking about it, it is counter cultural for Wonder Woman to be straight, she comes from an island of lesbians, that’s why its a big deal she falls for an American pilot who crashes there during World War 2)

Anyway I do think it is sad that his homosexuality has just appeared out of nowhere.  I suppose his non rebooted character has been married twice, but I think the awkward phase of homosexuality (coming out, working out you aren’t damned by default etc) needs to be covered.   What made Superman compelling was that he might be the man of steel, but when it came to women he was a blubbering mess, unable to seduce Lois Lane without putting his pants on over his trousers, it made the most non human of characters likeable.

Now the Green Lantern has been sprinkled with fairy dust, most of the difficulties that come hand in hand with being gay are being brushed over, basically, they never even happened.  Maybe there will be flashbacks? I hope so, because otherwise this just smacks of DC being so far behind the curve, in comparison to Marvel, and pulling a desperate rabbit out of their desperate newly gay hat.

I mean the X-men were all about overcoming prejudice and intolerance from the get go (only in a cool, non preachy way) I reckon I got all my anti-racism from watching the cartoon on TV. Though I didn’t see Nightcrawler (he’s Catholic) explain why he was against gay marriage, being pro-religious freedom is harder than being gay friendly in today’s environment, though perhaps not in America but they are getting there.

There is no doubt that American comics are a force for change…but homophobes can breathe regular, I doubt there will be another Green Lantern movie any time soon, the last one was so dire movie studios will pretend not to know who he is.


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