The world is going to hell in a hand cart…

Wow the world is a depressing place at the moment, or maybe its just that when I’m a bit depressed I seem to stumble upon more depressing news stories…

China and Russia have tag teamed up to defend the Assad regime in Syria.  It just makes me want to be sick, as usual the UN will do nothing, any and all efforts will be sabotaged by the old cold war adversaries votes in the security council and the West will not intervene without UN approval.   So women and children are getting massacred while the world sits by and watches.

I do wonder why we don’t just disband the UN, what good does it do? The UN charter forbids intervening in a nation’s internal strife but in this world of globalised media that sentiment is out of date.  Can we stomach this violence to continue? no, but nobody will do anything to stop it either.

America’s drone strikes are being ramped up around the globe, they are extra-judicial killings, there is no denying it, what is more they are almost as heavy on the civilian casualties as Syria’s civil conflict. It is no wonder that Pakistan is struggling to justify to its people co-operating with America, yet America seems to have no understanding of that it is acting like the worlds biggest bully on this issue.  This is going to end badly and will be a recruiting field day for Al Qaeda.

All the while the government is gutting the armed forces so its not like we’ll be doing much global intervention in the future anyway. Nobody seems to be pointing out to the defense secretary that if you start outsourcing logistics and support to contractors and allies it can leave front line troops staggeringly vulnerable and the more we hamstring our defense capabilities the more countries like Argentina will get bolshy.  “Among other evils which being unarmed brings you, it causes you to be despised.” Ooh Machiavelli. Its also a lot harder to build up national defense quickly, what if we need an aircraft carrier in the next ten years? Well we’ll be screwed that’s what.

On a final whimper of glumness, the Eurozone is still in the slow process of imploding, but instead of slamming on the breaks Angela Merkel is recommending stamping on the gas.  A European super state? really? I didn’t think anyone still thought that was a good idea. Coming from the German Chancellor its pretty scary, the last German Chancellor to have that little brainwave had a funny toothbrush mustache and Syphilis amongst his other distinguishing features.  Oh and the only thing Eurozone leaders seem to be unanimously agreed upon is vital in ending the crisis is that the British financial sector be totally screwed over.

The Euro has become a monster impoverishing entire nations sowing discord and strife, a vicious vampire draining the lifeblood out of Europe: somebody needs to get a stake and some garlic and put that sucker down. But they won’t because that will involve all the Europhile politicians admitting they are wrong… the chances of a politician admitting fault these days? absolutely nil.

Is there any good news good enough to balance all that grimness?  Ray Winstone, Bob Hoskins, Ian McShane and Nick Frost are all cast in the same movie…. as the Dwarves in the new Snow White movie.   Just think what an awesome movie they could have made on their own, forget chuffing Snow White, give me the Dwarves!


One thought on “The world is going to hell in a hand cart…

  1. And what do you think would happen to the many Christians in Syria if the Islamists succeed in toppling Assad’s government there?

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