Left wing propaganda.

Recently I watched on bbc iplayer a tv program created for bbc 4.  Its called surviving progress and its superb.   It is deft it is powerful, it is beautifully crafted and presented, it is both scary and touching.  One of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen.

Its also a complete load of codswallop and the best bit of left leaning doom mongering propaganda I’ve ever seen.

Its almost impossible to argue against because it just piles up evidence of wrong doing, evidence of humanity’s destructive capability.  Then basically gives no solutions except that the worlds population should be reduced by more than half and we should all go back to living in teepees.

Capitalism is not going to destroy the world, capitalism creates a market where things are given value.   It is how we engage in capitalism that will shape our future and at the moment capitalism isn’t really being given a chance.

Human ingenuity can and will find solutions to the problems of the future, usually when free markets make that especially profitable.  But when you look at when governments have attempted to rig the system the result have almost always been catastrophic failures of imagination and practicality. (eg wind turbines in this country, or the Euro or communism or virtually anything thought up by big government advocates)

I predict the human population of Earth will level out somewhere around 30-40 billion, with more than that number in space, on the moon, on Mars, in space stations. By the year 3000.

Why do I have such optimism? because humanity is ingenious and with nuclear fusion and advanced nano-materials, amazing concepts like space elevators and genetic engineering we are going to continue to grow in numbers.

The only threat to that is if we continue to regress morally speaking, one of the most touching parts of the film was when a tour operator in China told his father to stop talking to the camera crew because of the possibility of brutal repression for even hinting about flaws in the Chinese government.

One thing I don’t see happening in the next thousand years is the UN surviving.  Increased globalisation will make the form of toleration of evil that the UN specialises in intolerable.  Of course this will be no comfort to places like Tibet where an entire culture and people will have long since been wiped out, quietly and oh so effectively.

Humanity needs two things, freedom, and a sense of its place in the created order.  Both things that are almost impossible to understand without recourse to God.  It reminds me of people who misguidedly film Robin hood films in Sherwood forest.   The Sherwood forest of Robin Hood’s time was totally different to the Sherwood forest of today. We cut down the original forest.  That may be a sad fact but it is a fact and life goes on.  In time humanity will appreciate the value and beauty of nature…    though we may only have a few artificial forest levels in the kilometer high sky scrapers of the future.


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