Britain is in favour of life, well that’s a turn up for the books!

So there is news that a Judge has over-ruled an anorexic’s right to refuse treatment and ordered she be force fed.  Thank God, that is a very brave judge, to do the right thing knowing that the consequences of the precedent may be difficult somewhere down the road.

Somebody has to stand up in defense of life. Now we need to pray for the success of the treatment.  The thing with mental illness is that it needs to be fought tooth and nail.  Nobody should ever give up, because to do so is to reject the possibility that things can and usually do get better.  It always saddened me that Sir Terry Pratchett argues in favour of assisted suicide and it seems only got recognition after getting Alzheimers. He is the author of one of the longest running, genuinely funny and ultimately humane set of books in the Discworld series.  How can someone who knows the frailties of life, its little joys and triumphs as well as its heartbreaks, be in favour of suicide?

I have a massive visceral hatred of suicide, and the nihilism that advocates it. I’ve had suicidal thoughts myself when things have been at their blackest, in fact as part of depression they are far more regular than I’m comfortable admitting. But that disgust at the thought has always brought me through, and there are brighter days.  Life is beautiful, not because we are all living in a Frank Capra movie but because it has little moments of relief, little moments of joy. Like finding something that was lost or saying something to someone that makes them happy, or successfully flirting with a beautiful woman.

Society needs to remember why suicide is so despicable and why people who attempt it should be treated with kindness, but treated as ill all the same. Suicide is a rejection of everything good in life, I don’t think you need to believe in God to know how sad and wrong that is, but I do believe in God and to reject everything in creation, including Jesus, well it is a sin.  Despair is a sin because it requires cooperation, like a traitorous Vichy to the devil himself. 

Recently I talked to a lapsed Catholic friend, who has also recently become depressed (surprise surprise). I’m usually a sympathetic ear who is always willing to go 15 rounds in defense of the faith, but recently he started spouting nihilism.  You cannot argue with it, because it is literally based upon nothing, you cannot displace with reason what wasn’t put there by reason, all I could do was point out that it disgusted me and that if he wants to get better he needs to choose to change his thinking.  So yes, pray for my friend.

In olden days suicides used to be staked at the crossroads, to keep them from prematurely rising from the dead as ghoulish revenants. Though I’m not advocating that I agree with the sentiment. People need to realise that suicide has consequences outside of themselves and not just for their eternal life.  It is a shocking blight on society, it can even be contagious so strong are its depressing effects on family members and friends.  It is not benign, Terry Pratchett needs to realise this. It is not surprising that euthanasia was one of the first symptoms of Nazism, because it comes hand in hand with the nihilism that is its basis.

Well sorry to go on about such a downer of a subject. Happy news is just around the corner.


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