Things that are currently annoying me.

Well, I’ve just got a list of bugbears today.

The first is this whole thing with the price of milk, I don’t drink or consume milk in any way but what is it with farmers complaining that the price is too low? don’t sell it at that price or get out of the milk business!

Have the rules of capitalism been suspended? you can’t do a job that isn’t profitable just because its what you’ve always done.  Turn your land into a 4×4 course or a paint-balling arena or something equally frivolous. It is not anybody’s fault that supermarkets will always want to buy at the lowest possible price and sell to make a profit…

I suppose there are many more lapses in capitalism that are currently annoying me. The Libor rate “scandal” for example.  As far as I can tell it was widely understood that banks gave the rate they would like the interbank borrowing rate to be to an independent body, the top four and bottom four rates were ignored from all the banks eligible and an average was made of the middle suggestions.

This implies that it is well understood there was self interest involved in the way banks bid at what level the rate was to be set and that was accounted for in the very way it was set.  Am I not understanding something here?   This scandal is such a lot of hot air, and it is being used to distract us from all sorts of far more alarming developments…

Developments like Barack Obama is putting the worlds safety and hundreds of thousands of Syrian lives in jeopardy because he can’t do anything till after the election… which I unfortunately still think he will win despite Romney closing in the polls.

The Democrats are fighting a pretty negative campaign all designed to get the topic of conversation away from the economy and they are succeeding.  Why is Romney in a crouch? he should be hammering Obama on the economy.  The Obama campaign promised bipartisan leadership in its first election, then this White House has been incredibly partisan, the result of which has been total legislative deadlock in Washington.

Why is that bad? well sadly America is the world’s last superpower, America is the only country that can effect change in the world in places like Syria and Iran, but Barack Obama is currently cowering behind the resolute desk till November and who knows if he’ll come out again?

And finally, I have a new love. American Football. As a game it is superb, its exciting, its strategic and above it it takes kahunas to play.  Ridiculously big athletes who can run exceptionally fast wearing huge helmets and pads.  Haven’t they ever thought that the helmets are actually more dangerous? Its insane! and totally sweet to watch I’ve watched the last few Superbowls and have been very pleasantly surprised… vastly more entertaining than our football but that isn’t saying much.

Unfortunately, and here comes the bugbear, I recently picked up a NFL xbox 360 game Madden 11… and let me tell you, whilst I love playing it the QA was abominable.  The game has crashed so many times! invariably after a tough game where your players have played well and you can save that progress for your season, and you have to play the game again, with no assurance that it won’t crash again!

There should be some kind of warning that a game is substandard, especially in glitches.   Skyrim was the same, I picked it up after several patches were released to beat the glitches out of it, and for the most part it was ok, then the loading times got longer and longer until it was unplayable.   Grrr. If what we do for relaxation becomes a source of intense frustration then we are on a hiding to nothing!

Also and this is not so much annoying as depressing, another friend of mine has lapsed as a Catholic… can everyone pray for her? her parents divorced and she just doesn’t see the point any more. I haven’t known what the right thing to say is really. I think if I can be Catholic with all my problems then surely anyone else can, but sadly it doesn’t work like that.  I don’t want to be the only Catholic left in 30 years time…

I’m also chronically unemployed, I’m applying for all sorts of things and not getting interviews and frankly it is driving me to despair…

Anyway on a brighter note someone has made the most powerful laser on earth to kick start a fusion reaction so all this talk about future energy needs could be a lot of useless liberal whining of the George Monbiots of this world. No scratch that, anything spewed from the Monbiots of this world is already useless, but this would only make it more obvious.


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