War, and the abortion debate.

I’ve been having a debate with a friend of mine about abortion on Facebook.  Frankly the debate is depressing because no logic or reasoning no matter how strong or irrefutable will get her to change her mind.

She is one of the nicest people I know, and a vegan who thinks that killing animals is wrong, whereas I think eating meat is yummy. But she has this massive ethical blind spot.  I won’t start preaching to the converted, it seems to me than anyone with a sincere heart should be able to look at abortion and say it is horrific.

It reminds me of the Bible where St Paul says the scales fell from his eyes, is it possible that this blindness to the evil of abortion is a spiritual blindness? something only God can remove? anyway I should pray for my friend and if anyone reading this could spare her a prayer I’d be very grateful.

The second thing that is bugging me is this thing with Syria is still getting worse and worse, and yet William Hague is still bleating in favour of a political solution.  Suburban Aleppo is being strafed by fighter jets and helicopter gunships, its being shelled and invaded by tanks.  The time for negotiation is clearly long long past, it is civil war.  War what is it good for? (when you read that did you insert the “huh”.) what is the world doing? still nothing. You cannot negotiate with a tyrant, didn’t we prove this when appeasing Hitler?

Soon America will have two aircraft carrier groups in the gulf… is Obama thinking about intervening? can a US president grow a spine in a very short length of time? that is an interesting question but its probably just to threaten Iran.  Never mind the only planes capable of taking out Iran’s underground nuclear facilities will have to fly all the way from America anyway… I hope there’s an in flight movie…


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