Day for life? Really?

Well I guess it must be somewhat fitting that I’ve been in this seemingly never ending five day abortion debate on Facebook since today is the day for life… Depressingly getting someone to focus on the objective facts of abortion is very difficult in this post modern age where ‘choice’ and ‘opinion’ are a moral right…

The Bishops, in their enduring wisdom, have decided that isn’t the Olympics jolly good!  marvelous, keep it up! the body is a temple, so go the gym! Isn’t that nice! its so nice its almost Anglican!

What about abortion? it has killed more than the holocaust, it is a horrific dark stain on the soul of this nation. Shhhhhhhhh, no noooo, wasn’t Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony fantastic?!

My abortion debate has almost run its course, we are basically at an impasse where my friend has a spiritual blindness that prevents them from thinking rationally about it. The nation has this blindness too, It is too content with the way things are, sex without responsibility and materialism are too enjoyable. For the nation to repent on abortion it will have to admit it was wrong, admit its been killing babies in their millions and it has too much pride for that.

The UK will not repent, and God keen to uphold our free will as he is, will not change peoples minds with a booming voice from the sky.   Frankly I think a significant portion of society are damning themselves to hell on this issue alone.  This is a crime that cries to heaven for vengeance and if you read the old testament vengeance is dealt to nations, not just to particular sinners.

Hitler’s Third Reich died in flames, crushed by Russia, The British Commonwealth and the USA.  Many German cities had been leveled, entire generations of men were killed fighting tragic wars for no good purpose. Vast numbers of Germans starved to death after the war.  This was God’s judgement for trying to exterminate entire races and everyone else the Nazi’s considered sub human. God’s judgement is not nice, this God of niceness alone that we worship is to an extent an idol.  Read the old testament if you doubt me.

What will our nation’s judgement be for killing unborn babies by the million which it considers sub human? The slow decline and rapid decay our society is willfully shuffling towards is perhaps better than our nation deserves. We are like Lot in Sodom make no mistake, and perhaps all we can do is look after the state of our own souls in the hope that if there are only a few good men and women left in this country God will not pour on us his vengeance. Vengeance that our nation so richly deserves by merit of its barbaric abortion law.

When thinking about it can I remain friends with someone who is pro-abortion? it is a bit like staying friends with someone after discovering they are a Nazi sympathiser or holocaust denier. Can Catholics stay friends with non Catholics when they sometimes have beliefs so objectionable?

Talking of which I’ve been noticing a steady rise of antisemitism on the internet.  Reading the comments on websites (particularly YouTube) is always very inadvisable, shocking and depressing. Casual racism, misogyny, aggressive and foul language abound but antisemitism seems to have that extra zesty nastiness that internet trolls so deeply love.

What is more a couple of my Irish Catholic friends have stumbled into it a little bit, I don’t know whether that is a coincidence or not. Holocaust denial and hatred of Israel are given justification under the guise of defending freedom of thought or because of the difficulty Israel has with Gaza, but really they are just covers for antisemitism when I’ve questioned them at length about it.  (Thankfully I think I have managed to get them to reconsider it.)

Anyway, tonight the world is watching the Olympics, meanwhile Aleppo is being ground into dust, the Islamic freedom fighters are fighting tanks, helicopter gunships and heavily armed troops with rifles and just a few rounds each.  The international community should be ashamed of itself and its cowardice.  Day for life? forget about it.


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