Politics and Olympics.

Isn’t politics horrible? I’ve just started watching the the Olympics opening ceremony. Why? its hard to say. Mostly so I can watch the women’s volleyball… and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But mainly so I can find out what this thing called Englishnes is. So yes, we did discover that women should get to vote didn’t we? interesting.

Well apparently the NHS is something to rejoice in. It may be one of the most expensive health system in the world that kills millions of babies by abortion…

But perhaps the terrifying thing is Britain is responsible for it all, the Olympics, the Internet, computers, the industrial revolution, a huge amount of music. We gave many ideas to the world, modern democracy, women’s suffrage, and if we didn’t end slavery we gave the world the idea that maybe it was a good idea to end it.

The thing is, I hope my cynicism will be seen through,  I love Danny Boyle, there was a prayer for the dead at one hour and 15 minutes. Abide with me… Surely this is the most Christian opening ceremony in recent memory.

I’m supporting Afghanistan because we basically forged the country from fire, and Bhutan because they have a dragon on their flag and they’ve escaped Chinese subjugation…


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