What is truth?

Well when I started giving my friend pages from the telegraph, which linked to other pages with hard facts about the AGWA* conspiracy my friend suddenly decided she didn’t want to talk about this anymore. (*Anthropagenic Global Warming Alarmism) To be fair to her we had been arguing non stop for days and I wanted a break too but still it was rather convenient timing.

Her response to me pointing out the scientific logic of human life beginning at conception and that her veganism was totally incompatible with her pro-abortion stance similarly was to avoid the question. My only hope is that in the combative arena of debate she may not be open to challenging her worldview, but that in a few years time, when all of what I said has long been forgotten and erased from the internet she’ll re-examine her position.  Still I won’t be holding my breath.

Why? because this country is gripped by a Machiavellian propaganda machine, its called the BBC. It tells the leftists in the mainstream media everything they want to hear and gives weight to every mad ‘progressive’ idea.  Surely if something gets on national TV it has to be true? Surely a relativist philosophy is perfectly valid, unless you are Islamic and want to impose sharia law on the land, in which case we must tolerate your quirky little hatred of everything western society stands for. (and you can count on Rowan Williams to support you too)

We have to be dogged in the pursuit of the truth in all things, perhaps I am more relentless than most.  My conversion to Catholicism was through rigorous, robust and rambunctious debate. Sometimes I forget that not all people can approach the truth that way. Jesus above all embodied truth and was compelled to speak out in ways that the world had to reject and kill him. Jesus being the one true man is a beacon, we can follow him, he is the way, the truth and the life but we should not forget that the price of His dedication to the truth was crucifixion.

I’m currently having a love affair with a guy called Andrew Klavan, he’s got a bald shiny head, a chiseled jaw but more importantly he’s a liberal (in the correct sense of the word) Jewish (by race) libertarian Christian conservative, in America where the mainstream media has become so left wing it makes the BBC look like the Tea Party.

I love America, America is a dream to me, still clinging on to its integrity with its teeth. The Dream is that people through debate and searching will gradually circle in towards a better way of life for its people. And that freedom and individualism are essential for humanity to thrive. Barack Obama doesn’t share this dream, his left wing (for America, here he’d only just left of center) policies edge America closer towards European values.  The same values that have our politics stuck in the muck without debate with two parties of left and far left, our economies are stuck in the muck because half our GDP is public sector, our philosophy is stuck in the muck because right and wrong must be deconstructed and discarded in order to defend the lefts failed ideas.

Barack Obama is just as contemptible as David Cameron and Tony Blair and all the other ‘centrists’ our countries respective old boys clubs have produced since Margaret Thatcher. These of course are politicians without a philosophy, without an ideology. Sometimes like Tony Blair they say “I did what I believed to be right” (in regard to the ill advised Iraq war) but what they are really saying is like Pontius Pilate “what is truth?”.

My favourite quote from the second link to Andrew Klavan is this: “This song, this jangling ditty that I despise, that John Lennon’s Imagine, of this idea that if we could just get rid of all the things that make us human we wouldn’t have to fight. Well that’s true but it’s the philosophy of a cow. I mean, you sit and you having nothing to love, nothing to bring out yourself or the best in yourself.” Yes, thank God! I always hated that song! I didn’t really know why I hated it even back when I was a left wing protestant dabbling with atheism, I remember there was a TV show saying that Imagine was the greatest song ever written and Bohemian Rhapsody was second to it.

I remember looking at the TV and thinking “wtf! what the hell just happened?” not only is Imagine musically vapid it is philosophically vapid and here it is being given the highest praise purely for its ideas. Mainly for its atheistic anti-nationalistic sentiments, because atheism is wonderful isn’t it. (oops isn’t the communist second verse awkward). Never mind that atheistic communism is responsible for probably more political murders than any other philosophy in the history of mankind, even more than atheistic fascism and that has the holocaust to answer for…

Anyway, it is the liberal relativism that comes before the fascism that we are living in today.  Before Hitler was the Weimar Republic, very liberal, ‘progressive’, seen as decadent for its time. Germany had many problems that led them to turn to Hitler for answers, but for me the core of what is so troubling about the question of the Third Reich, is how could a cultured nation of thinkers accept Nazism philosophically?

I think it has something to do with relativism, something to do with abandoning God. It has something to do with equating cultural achievements with homogeneous racial superiority. Thankfully I don’t think our society is close to making that last intellectual error again but it is making the first two with such fervor I’m not even sure we’ll need the last to steer a path towards destruction.

Also in regard to the last error our culture is taking a path deliberately towards the extreme other end of the spectrum, saying that no culture is better than another, that nothing we believe has any inherent value because all beliefs are equally valid to the individuals that hold them.  I think this extreme antithesis also leads to moral decay because there can be no objective sense of right or wrong, divorce, drunkenness, fornication, adultery, abortion, euthanasia, (or assisted suicide as the BBC calls it) are all coming to be accepted norms in our society.

I mean I know its grim, but lets think about assisted suicide for a moment. Everyone should have a right to it according to the BBC, that we should all warmly embrace death at a time of our own choosing, we can control our deaths, so isn’t suicide a wonderful thing…   yep the warning bells start to go off about there for me too.

I want my death, (hopefully a long time in the future when I’ve figured out this thing called life and found this thing called happiness somewhere) to be a final gasp of freedom. A happy death in the Christian tradition’s understanding, where finally God will relinquish me from the responsibility to my soul and I will place myself under His protection and loving judgement happy in the knowledge that I have run the race to the last in faith.  To take that leaving of self into eternity and God and replace it with suicide in order to embrace a Nietzschean will to power, is a final act of totalitarian control, a final crushing of the human spirit, the final act of someone that says “humanity in all its triumphs and struggles is of no inherent value or meaning”.

This is the front on which the culture war is currently being fought. I pray to God we will win it unlike our forebears who battled against abortion. We have to win it, if we lose it we won’t have taken the first steps towards a moral system on par with Nazism, we’ve already taken those with abortion, we will have taken the last philosophical steps towards embracing murder as a solution to our ills and being unashamed of saying so. “I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him.”

So yes, though I think we are losing the culture war, (we will only have won when we repeal the abortion law) there are still battles to be fought and the encouraging rally cry of all that is good in humanity is to be found in Catholicism. The answer to the question in the title of this post is to be found there. Onward Christian soldiers.

PS isn’t it interesting that Onward Christian Soldiers was written by an Anglican… from the third verse “We are not divided, all one body we, one in hope and doctrine” was he wishing he was Catholic?

PPS This is now my most revised post, I have changed it to be more charitable to my vegan friend and better express what I said. Mea Culpa.


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