The Triple Tiara

Well I got back last night from the 50 mile walking pilgrimage to Walsingham organised by the Dominican Sisters of St Joseph that I attend annually.  My body is a total wreck as I was easily the most unfit person of the 50 strong group, (oh dear, time to go to the gym or something) I had friction burns in some rather unfortunate places and my legs still ache, my feet are a mess and I’ve got sunburn on my hands, arms and face… the list goes on and this is after a 13 hour recuperative slumber.

What is more important to convey is that I had a thoroughly amazing time. So much prayer, so much good company, amazing Anglican Ordinariate priests, a fantastic deacon, superb liturgy, many many rosaries.

We were praying for the re evangelisation of this country.  What is impossible to man is possible to God. I came to Catholicism by debate, but I am an anomaly it seems. My plan to convert by debate seems to be totally hopeless and based upon relying on my own strength (always a bad idea) but prayer and living out the Catholic life with exuberant joy seems to be the way forward.

One subject that came up on the walk was this, the motion was put forward that it is good that the Pope has given up wearing the triple crown.  I’m not so sure it is such a good thing. I mean of course pope Benedict couldn’t wear it for very long because of its weight.  Also B16 would probably like to eschew as many trappings of the office as possible since he is such an exceptionally humble man.

But I think it should get dusted off and donned, now and then, even if just a couple of times and for only a few moments. Maybe at the investiture of the next Pope perhaps? Why? To give a nod to the world that the Catholic Church has not given up its claims to universal authority on issues of faith and morals, the Pope is not just the Bishop of Rome.

The triple crown has a meaning, it isn’t just papal bling, (not that there is anything wrong with papal bling in my opinion).  It is a meaning that needs to be retold to the world and especially to today’s secular governments. And it is this, that the laws of God are not things that may be tolerated, or not, on the whims of the secular state.

On issues of Christian faith and morals the Catholic Church will not negotiate, the Church alone has authority on these issues.  The Church will never knowingly fund abortion or contraception for example, as recently the US government tried and failed to impose in America. Cardinals will go to prison first, but we will not surrender to the modernism that the world is in thrall to.

The state also can’t ordain its own bishops like the Chinese government have recently tried to do again in China. This is so very wrong, this is something the Church had to fight to make clear to the world in medieval times and we will have to do it again as the modern world forgets its history.

In other news the Romney campaign has picked a VP, and Paul Ryan is a Catholic. He is also an exceptional candidate, with tea party credentials.  The only problem is a lot of Republican voters will wish he was at the top of the ticket, he’s much more intelligent and charismatic than Mitt Romney, has stronger pro life credentials, with a much better platform to refute Obamacare than Romney.

He is the candidate of change too and not in an abstract sense, he has a very well articulated and detailed plan to fix America… something America desperately needs. America needs less “I’m not the other guy” politics, which is basically what this presidential campaign has descended into and hopefully Paul Ryan will lift it out of, he’ll also wipe the floor with Joe Biden in a VP debate.

This has got me thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to have a good Catholic PM in this country. Someone to de-fund abortion, or maybe even ban it! but I’m living in fantasy land now. The closest we got to a Catholic PM was Tony Blair… and it makes me feel queasy to think he’s one of us now.

Can anyone tell me why the Pope’s mention of condoms from two years back is the fourth most viewed link on the telegraph website news section at this very moment of typing? Are we about to get attacked by the left on this old chestnut and a group of people are reading up? who knows.  The piece is also rather disingenuous to say the least. Just goes to show that old papal news is still news.

Finally the Pope’s butler is going to be put on trial for all the world to watch, this is going to be one heck of a dog and pony show. There is also a named accomplice and there may be more to come, its long past time to uproot the conspiracy of people who want to undermine the B16 agenda, hmmmm how high do you think it will it go???


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