Israel and Iran

Soon, in the left leaning media, if not already, (since I don’t read the left leaning media I’m not sure) there will be plenty of people saying Israel is sabre rattling about Iran. Never mind that Iran is gradually and deliberately developing nuclear weapon capability in defiance of UN sanctions and has pledged to wipe Israel from the map.

Israel’s bombing capability is significantly less than that of the United States, if Israel is going to do anything without relying upon a pathetic US president then they will have to do it soon. They have 25 F-15E’s capable of delivering their heaviest bombs and only 7 air tankers… it will be very hard for them to strike Iran’s embedded nuclear facilities as it is and day by day it gets harder. So cut them some slack, if Germany for example, had recently pledged to wipe the UK from the map we might hope our air force would defend our ability to exist as a nation.

Iran will constantly deny their aims to develop nuclear weapons until the very moment they develop them and become untouchable. This will not mean they become a passive and brotherly member of the nuclear community, it will make them able to engage in international espionage with no consequences, and for Iran, that means suicide bombers. Iran sponsors global terrorism and such a state with nuclear capability is a nightmare the likes of which the world has not yet known.

America should work to Israel’s timetable if it truly is Israel’s ally. If not then it should shut up, because the price of failure will be a donkey carrying a suitcase nuclear bomb into Tel Aviv.


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