My USA prez election obsession (skip 1st two paragraphs)

Well, I’ve been watching the USA presidential race turn ever more into a mud fight, Mitt Romney should be careful, because whilst that was how he won the primary he will not win the White House that way.  People may think Obama is an incompetent socialist but they don’t hate the guy, I put it down right here that Obama is far more Teflon coated than Romney. Obama also has a massive party that has become far better at mudslinging and has a massive mainstream media bias backing its attacks with far more cultural power than any Super-PAC, Barack Obama has other people do the mud flinging for him and remains ever squeaky clean.

The latest round in this pie fight has been about rape, equating a congressman’s disgusting comments on rape with the Romney campaign. There will be more, mud fights only get worse with time and there are still 76 days until the election.  Obama is going to win by a nats wing and be the last clown standing, all this takes away from the economy which is where everyone agrees Romney should be fighting this election. It is all pretty depressing, if only because if Romney won, after 8 years of Mr White Bread, we’d have Paul Ryan possibly the best presidential candidate on the list. (oh and he’s Catholic too, and pro life, which should go without saying, but sadly doesn’t in the crazy world of US politics) Anyway I’m sure I’m the only one taking a perverse interest. I’ve been watching the West Wing again… I wonder if they will ever make a Republican version of that show? Maybe Fox should do it?

In other news Prince Harry has been photographed in the nip… I’d like to remind people that Noah, the last good man on earth according to God, the first thing he did after getting off the ark, was get drunk and get naked… (yes that is currently my fave bible quote.)  Just goes to show the Bible isn’t what you think it is, or more appropriately isn’t what people have told you it is.  We all need to read it, especially us Catholics who are notorious for leaving the good book to gather dust.

Read the Gospels, without someone telling you what to think, Jesus says some pretty interesting stuff and isn’t as fluffy as people will have you believe. Most people’s idea of Jesus is effectively Buddy Christ, its not particularly Biblical, Jesus gets frustrated, Jesus gets angry, Jesus sometimes has a very acerbic wit, I think Jesus even said things to deliberately have less followers at times.

Why did he do this? because Jesus’ plan of salvation wasn’t based upon having the biggest entourage, upon preaching to the most people or even convincing everyone he was the son of God. We should ponder these mysteries, but don’t settle for the Sunday school lite version, read the real McCoy.


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