Newswrap, Lance Armstrong and sex education.

So your career is long over, and nobody can believe your winning record so for years you get hounded by a anti-doping agency who have testimony from people given in order to reduce their bans for doping.  It does sound like a witch hunt to me.

I hope to God Lance Armstrong didn’t dope, if he did all the achievements that wrought so many donations to his cancer charity were all lies.  If he did dope I’d say there is an argument that maybe doping should be legalised if all the winners are at it and the anti-doping agencies are so far behind the curve they have to rely upon a kangaroo court where the allegations scream louder than the evidence.  Anyway, what a depressing piece of news.

In other news the sex education policy of this country has made a minimal if not nonexistent dent in the numbers of teenage pregnancies and that teaching abstinence might be a good idea… well done for catching up to what Christians have been saying for a very long time.

There are twenty eight abortions for every hundred live births in this country.  Our nation is killing over a quarter of our population and this is only one less than America and America has abortion on demand. So something’s rotten in the state of Great Britain. I guess the only thing to thank God for is that at least we aren’t in Russia where the stats are staggering.

The Netherlands do pretty well on that list, maybe we should stop mocking the Dutch. I found this interesting, read this. One quote that stood out “The only courses in England to put more emphasis on the positive side of sex and relationships were the Christian courses.”

My interpretation of the above link is that the Netherlands emphasizes relationships and the proper context of intimacy whereas the puritanical English treat sex as something illicit and dirty (and teenage pregnancies to be aborted). This coupled with a culture awash with messages saying that though sex is naughty anyone who is anyone is doing it might explain why we have a similar problem to the USA that also has a puritanical cultural history.

We should teach that sex is good, that relationships are good, that intimacy in relationships is good.  Then it doesn’t become so much about denying people sex or saying sex is bad but placing it in the context of a loving, dare I say long term, relationship. That sounds rather Catholic to me. Only when that is in place can we begin to convince people that maybe a loving long term relationship might involve marriage at some stage…

Even more interesting is that Greece has a lower rate of teenage pregnancy and by a very long way the lowest rate of teenage abortion and higher teenage marriage rates. So Greece your economy may be in ruins, but wow are you doing something right. That must be cultural and not least partly due to Greek Orthodox religion.


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