Well last things first, I’m more than willing to give Prince Harry a break, he’s young and rich, but not entirely without character and everyone makes crazy mistakes when they are young and away from parental supervision, I can bet family life back home is a bit stifling and the cockpit of an Apache Longbow attack helicopter might not be a stress free environment either.

What I don’t like is people attacking the girl who photographed him making a total ass of himself. He shouldn’t have been so stupid, and he shouldn’t have brought people up to a party he didn’t know just because they were willing to egg him on. To turn to the media now and cry foul is more than a bit much. Also people attacking Harry are feigning their shock, if this were anyone else, what happened in Vegas would stay in Vegas. This is a badly needed life lesson for Harry and really its none of our business.

Second news, people playing basketball in St Paul’s Cathedral… really? is this what Anglicans think is appropriate, it reminds me that recently me and some friends wanted to go into a local Anglican parish church, we were refused entry by a bouncer on the door. It turns out there was a folk festival and they were selling booze inside to boot.  Is the Anglican Church just a charity sector business now? its like when English Heritage charge entry to Church buildings. Places of worship, places where people might conceivably go to pray… well obviously not any more, somebody phone Jesus, the money changers are in the temple courts again…

There is also yet more news of the most nasty kind of political corruption to do with the mythical ‘green’ energy. Isn’t it funny that the most commonly used baseless ad hominem thrown at Anthropogenic Global Warming skeptics was that they were in the pay of big oil… 99% of the time it was a lie. But look at the eco-loons, lapping up other people’s money like pigs at a trough.  This is a disgusting scandal of political corruption and it will get no real media coverage because the left wing media won’t touch it.  BBC, Channel 4, you lapped up the phone hacking scandal, this is so much higher on the scale of corruption where are your investigative reporters?

Finally lots of persecution of Christians is going on and nobody seems to give a damn about it.  I guess that’s not really news, can’t we just all get together and say that Islam sucks? get it out of our system? I mean really, grotesque oppression is fine just so long as you wear a nightie from M&S, a cute little hat and your name is Mohammed El Mohammed Bin Mohammed? Thank God this blog is anonymous eh?


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