After 15 hours sleep…

First things first I’ve had a very busy last three weekends and I’m looking forward to doing absolutely nothing. I just spent a few days visiting my parents and my sister was home for her birthday.  Its interesting being a Catholic in a protestant family. I am the youngest but with religious ties that go much further back than my elders, I feel both the upstart and the grandad.  Its also been funny hearing my very evangelical mother talking about pilgrimage and transubstantiation like they were wonderful ideas that had only just been had.  I just have to sit in a corner and try my best not to look smug, something I’m probably not very good at in the best of times.

We also talked about gay marriage, which because my parents are Anglican is going to become quite a big issue.  Basically the consensus was that since it wasn’t a civil rights issue due to civil partnerships, it wasn’t right for gay people to change society’s definition of marriage to conform to theirs.

For example Elton John can and did go to his civil partnership ceremony in a wedding dress and plenty of social commentators were free to, and indeed did call it a marriage. And maybe if that carries on and becomes widespread then society’s idea of what constitutes marriage will probably change in the next hundred years.  But to legally impose a change which is deeply unpopular is undemocratic especially since this is not about minority civil rights but about a radical imposition of values of a minority on the majority.

I guess I was probably less intent on going the full 12 rounds over religion this time. I think I’ve done enough to challenge mistaken views of Catholicism, now it up to them and its very safe to say that my parents will never convert, my sister might eventually but I wouldn’t bank on it.

We talked about politics which considering my right wing tendencies and their left wing tendencies, induced more by me reading the telegraph and them reading the independent and watching the BBC than anything else I think, we did basically agree that Cameron was an empty suit and that Ed Milliband is rubbish but will probably win the next election and will ruin the country.

The most scathing criticism of David Cameron can be found on the telegraph because everyone knows that David Cameron isn’t an ideological Tory, the telegraph can point to every failed area of his premiership and say what a real Tory would have done. The guardian can bang on about the evil (and imaginary) cuts all it likes but there is no sting of truth to its critique.

Finally I’m going to witter on about American politics just to warn y’all. Isn’t it funny that after Mitt Romney’s rather good convention speech the left wing media is trying to distract people by poking fun at Clint Eastwood’s invisible Obama speech.  Proof that the only thing more popular than a straw man fallacy is using an example of straw man speech as a straw man distraction.

Its going to be a very close election, I think the results might end up being called by the supreme court again, but I still think Obama will win which is most unfortunate for America and for the world.   Though isn’t it interesting that Mitt Romney is promising to create jobs? surely he knows that only business creates jobs? Is this code for massive business deregulation? only not putting it like that to avoid energising the democratic base or scaring people about the bank deregulation which was so disastrous (and implemented by a Democratic president but who remembers that part?), who knows, but election promises can come back to haunt you as Barack Obama knows only too well.


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