Anglicans are so easy to make fun of sometimes but this is priceless. The tongue in cheek headline is probably just deserts for doing something of such PR ineptitude. The line “wives be subject to your husbands” has to be taken completely out of context to imply inequality. Ephesians 5:21-33 starts with an exhortation to everyone to be subject to one another out of reverence to Christ. Colossians 3 puts it in the context of joyfully living in peace with one another in gratitude to Christ.

An Anglican Bishop railing against equality? really?  I think its all well and good to resist the idea that women should be both bread winners and a Stepford wife at the same time, this idea that women can and should do it all has led to record levels of unhappiness.

Oh and I’m not saying men should necessarily be the bread winner either, I rather enjoy the thought of being a house husband one day. God is not in the business of keeping either men or women under the thumb. Such a backward interpretation of these Pauline passages strikes me as leaving the commandment of God for the traditions of men… Love doesn’t demand submission but wants to freely give of itself, and love is God’s commandment to us all.

Also why would a real man want a meek and submissive wife? I wouldn’t be attracted to someone who didn’t hold their own and wasn’t my equal.  Gender roles are created by society and in the western world we are finally getting to the stage where its generally accepted that men and women whilst different are of equal value. Thank God!

p.s. if they think St Paul is like 50 shades of grey, they should have heard the feminist butchering of psalm 123 that was sung in my parish a few months back. All the gender language was changed so that we should be like a slave looking at the hands of his mistress… sorry but the psalm very clearly stated that a male servant served his master and a handmaid served her mistress. To anachronistically butcher a psalm to get sexual empowerment bordering on the kinky is.. well so daft its amusing and ironically shows less enlightenment about sexual equality than the psalmist.   Still, good news for dominatrices everywhere…


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