Our useless government

Well this was prominently in the news today.  Government lawyers defend religious discrimination in the workplace because you are free to resign. This shameful bureaucratic attack on religious freedom under a conservative led government is just one more nail in the coffin of David Cameron’s credibility as a Tory leader, as if we really needed another.

Religious freedom is the cornerstone of all toleration and liberty.  Religion still plays a big part in the lives of a significant proportion of people in this country and to make it legal for companies and public sector authorities to ban the tinniest outward sign of faith of their employees is not just the beginning of enshrining aggressive atheistic secularism into law, it is pretty much the whole dragon through the door.

This fascistic behaviour is being enacted in the name of “not offending people”. But I’ve got a theory, totally inoffensive lives are not worthy of humanity. Mother Theresa offended some people, Jesus offended people, the things he said were so offensive he was murdered for them.  Its why I have an affection for Frankie Boyle, he is unashamedly offensive and he pokes us in all our taboos, the things we take most seriously, and yes it can be deeply funny to recognise the parts of our psyche that are wound tight and release that tension.  A society where nobody can offend anyone is a society where nobody can say anything of true value or meaning.

I don’t wear jewellery of any kind, but if I did I’d wear a cross, it wouldn’t be a big deal at all… Until the very moment I was told to take it off, at which point it would become a MASSIVE deal.  I’d feel like Peter in the courtyard of the high priest being asked to deny that part of my identity I treasure, in fact the only part of myself that I think is worth anything. To say that wearing a cross isn’t required by Christianity as a religion is to fundamentally misunderstand Christianity as a faith.  We are called to live out our faith in the context of where we are, we are not a religion of rules contrary to popular belief, we all respond to Christ’s call to discipleship in different ways and witnessing to that living faith is a central part of our faith.

These Godless apparatchiki need to be over ruled from the highest office in the land. They have created the ‘human rights’ legal framework and thus they can distort its rulings to their own twisted ideas of right and wrong. If we are to remain a free country they must be over ruled from a higher power, our PM… only yes, he’s an empty suit isn’t he…

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